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For the First Time In Many Decades, More Americans Support Gun RIGHTS than Gun Control

After Spate of Mass Shootings, Americans Turn Pro-Gun

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China Easing to Combat The 'Darkest Period' of 2015


A desperate quick fix by Beijing to the pessimistic market sentiment after a rush of exit crashing its stock index futures almost 7% .
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DoRKa THe GeeK...


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The Fed Didn't End the 2008 Crisis… It Actually Let It Spread

Nothing exposes the fallacies of the Fed’s policies  like its horror at the prospect of raising rates even a little bit. Rates have been effectively zero for five years. 

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How Should You Handle Your Money? Conveniently Or Safely - There's Always A Trade-off

Just as very few realize the dollar and the euro are digital currencies, very few realize that those dollars and euros that they own quite possibly being hacked right now. Here's how easy it is to do so...

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OR: He who knows...

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Greek Debt Crisis Coming To Head - Contagion?

If and when Greece finally defaults it will be able to place the blame squarely at the feet of the European elites. If an agreement has not been reached by Friday when the Eurogroup of Finance Ministers meet in Riga it is quite likely that Greece will default.

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This is NOT Fair!

While life is not always fair, here's an elegant way to avoid unfairness when it comes to your investments

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The Chilling Thing Blackstone Said about the Oil Bust

Energy companies “biding their time in the hopes they don’t have to face the music.”

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How Belief in Mainstream News Propaganda Affects Belief in Gold & Silver Propaganda

Today, most mainstream news channels in every country has devolved into nearly pure State propaganda. Recognition of this will prevent one from falling victim to the mountains of financial propaganda that also dominate gold and silver news as well.

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A MiDSuMMeR NiTe'S SCReaM...


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