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Occasionally, though, there arises a very different and far deeper type of fear: the terrifying thought that the entity of profit – and, worse still, the very institution of capitalization on which the entire capitalist megamachine stands – might cease to exist. This latter fear is associated with systemic crisis – that is, with periods during which the very future of capitalism is put into question. It is what Hegel meant when he spoke of the bondsman’s “fear of death”.

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This week the S&P 500 was up 7.3% for the month, corporate earnings have been looking good, retail sales inched up last week, the CPI is low, interest rates are low, Dr. Bernanke is ready to pump money into the economy if things go awry, most European banks passed their stress test, and we've got a new financial markets regulation bill which will save us from economic collapse. What's to worry?

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China is not a black swan, because a black swan is a rare, significant, and unpredictable event. However, the consequences of what is transpiring in China and Japan are for the most part predictable (especially if I am writing about it). We don’t know when they will play out, but they are predictable.

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This is turning into a year when the world’s least liquid, most untradeable countries offering minimal amounts of public information and disclosure, are bringing in the best returns, shutting most of us out. The mainstream BRIC countries are becoming increasingly crowded. “Frontier” or “pre-emerging” markets are the place to be.

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The Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments) announced today that it recorded an investment return of 21.5% for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010 (fiscal year 2010), exceeding the Policy Benchmark return of 19.8% by 1.7%. The 2010 performance is one of PSP Investments’ best performances to date and reflects a return to fundamentals from the distressed valuations resulting from the liquidity crisis of the past two years.