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 I have not written articles in a few months, except for the one I wrote for the July issue of Institutional Investor magazine, on Japan (I’ll post a link once the magazine comes out)..  I am sure Freud, after spending a few minutes in my subconscious, would provide some disturbing explanations.  But as Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  I've just been enjoying summer with my family.  

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As S&P 500 futures gently probe the other side of 1070, a look under the hood at [1] how far US equity indices have fallen from their recent peak, [2] mid-day market internals and [3] an egregious intra-second iteration of HFT-induced stop-hunting (i.e. electronic rape).

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The clear message that has come out of the BP oil spill is that onshore energy resources are now more valuable than offshore ones. The company’s stock has been trashed with the rest of the industry. OXY has minimal offshore presence, nothing in deep water, and huge operations in the Middle East and South America. Oh, and please sell your BP. (OXY), (BP)