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Turkey Day Readings

Some things I am thankful for this year: John Hussman, The Baseline Scenario, AIG, inept government regulators, and of course, Goldman Sachs. Absent these I would have nothing interesting to write about. So, without further ado, here are some interesting links for those of you who are not enticed by the Cowboys vs. Raiders game.

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California Rumblings?

What's going on in Los Angeles will soon be going on across the US and developed world. Don't think for a second that tough fiscal measures won't be taken to shore up public finances. And this will certainly mean curtailing pension benefits for new and existing public sector employees.

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According to David Dodge, the global financial crisis dealt a severe blow to government revenues and automatically increased some expenditures. Moreover, governments undertook stimulus spending. The combined Canadian federal and provincial deficit in 2009-10 rose to about 6% of GDP, with slightly more than half of this increase due to automatic stabilizers. The comparable deficit in the US was over 10% of GDP.

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Fed: GDP is garbage long term

A day before the first revision to Q3 GDP is released, the Federal Reserve tells us it may not be as useful as we've been led to believe.