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Ready for a breakup of the Euro, anyone? How long can a sober, conservative German grandfather be expected to indulge the disgraceful habits of its party animal, thrill seeking, drug addicted grandchildren? They’re actually worried about inflation down under. If you want to know how the big boys are coining it, come this way. The trade that George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones glory in.

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In the UK, the data shows the financial crisis led to a £6bn fall in dividends from the banks, leaving drug, tobacco and oil companies to fill some of the gap. Meanwhile, UK commercial property is benefiting from huge pension flows. Is this a wise long-term investment?

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Hank's Book - My Take

I take issue with some of Hank Paulson's tell all book "On The Brink". I don't think he told all the story. Parts of the story he told do not jibe with the facts. It was still an interesting book.

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Ever go drinking on Thursday and awake CSIQ on Saturday ... the unbeknownst shareholder of some Chinese micro / small-cap spec-crap ? If it occurred between February and December of 2006, you may have been a victim; you may have been electronically raped. Since CSIQ' IPO wasn't until 11.09.06, below is: (1) a daily & weekly snapshot (spanning 2006) of one of my all-time favorite-st pieces of Chinagra crap ~ the shell holding company known as SEED, whose accounting extraordinaire is matched only by the protectionism afforded its sector by Beijing bureaucrats; (2) the DoJ press release (2.5.10) in toto.

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Another Freaky Friday?

While it was another freaky Friday on Wall Street, I'd say the US jobs report was encouraging as was the price action in the stock market. Things are slowly getting better, but the pace of job growth is painfully slow. However, as the recovery gains steam, job growth will follow. It's only a matter of time now.

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If you’ve hear of peak oil, peak gold will be much worse. Investors are so scared from the events of the financial crisis that it will influence their investment decisions for decades. Did I mention there is an emerging market central bank bidding was for the barbaric relic? Buy when there’s blood on the street, preferably not your own. $2,300, here we come. (GOLD), (GLD), (ABX)