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Not even the Japanese want to buy their own stocks, with foreign institutions accounting for up to 60% of trading volume on a good day. Local investors would much rather buy emerging market funds, currency funds, bond funds, anything but their own equities. This explains the miserable 1.15% yield investors get on ten year JGB’s. A new kid has shown up in the neighborhood called China which has usurped its traditional role. A massive accumulation of debt and a thousand “bridges to nowhere.” Obama take note.

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[1] The S&P 500 meets key trendline resistance on day 55 of a Fibonacci time cycle as exponential moving averages cluster ... [2] daily, weekly and monthly support / resistance levels for the US Dollar ... [3] Crude Oil futures trace out a tricky wedge formation

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Why isn't our economy recovering? I ask that question often and have written about it many times. Perhaps a better question is: what needs to happen in order to make our economy grow? I offer some solutions.