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The world's most handsome and charismatic blogger stands outside his beloved friends at Goldman Sachs headquarters at 85 Broad (see pic) to congratulate them on the outstanding CMBS offering made through TALF government leveraging for Developers Diversified Realty (notice the funny looks that I am getting from the women in the background, haven't they seen a handsome and charismatic blogger before???). A few questions still linger, though...

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Pensions at Risk?

The global affront on pensions continues. The rebound in stocks will offer a temporary reprieve, but the underlying structural problems remain and unless governments take this issue seriously, there will be many more pensions at risk.

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Birds are singing, the sun is shining and life is beautiful again. On the surface, the vital signs of our economy are improving with every economic report. In some areas, like unemployment, the rate of decline is decelerating; in others, like GDP, decline is turning into growth. The stock market is behaving as if the history of the last twenty years is about to repeat itself: recession will turn into a robust expansion.