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The Chinese economy must be getting out of control, because the Chinese government is doing the unthinkable: It is desperately trying to put the brakes on the economy. When you pump a stimulus package that represents 14% of GDP through a fire hose into an economy, which was already on shaky bubble foundation, in a very short time you’ll have some serious unintended consequences -- you’ll get super bubbles.

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Of particular note is the difference between some readers perception of the Suntrust results and mine. If you take a close look at the results, you will see credit performance and asset quality is still deteriorating. The perception of a reprieve or moderation is potentially misleading due to the fact that Suntrust (like most other large banks) is actively shrinking their loan portfolio and transferring bad assets from one category to another.

To the credit of the CEO, he actually appears to tell it like it is and does not appear to be on a marketing binge to sugarcoat reality.

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In his first State of the Union speech in 2010, President Barack Obama carefully chose his words in calling for a new jobs bill to stimulate real organic economic growth. However, politicians have always been extremely deft about making speeches that present a united front with the people against corruption, while often hammering out legislation behind closed doors that ensures no real change will ever occur. To determine if the wool is being pulled over our eyes once again, let’s turn to the actual text of President Obama’s State of the Union speech.

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Where is all this leverage? Prime brokers now play hard ball. If you want to short a highly volatile stock, expect to pledge your first born child as collateral. The eminent doctor is increasingly looking like a one hit wonder. We are going to die from ice, not fire, and of boredom, not from cardiac arrest.

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China's Housing Bubble

China has created a new housing bubble. Here are some excellent reports on what the bubble looks like and some ominous glimpses on how it may end. Like all bubbles it will burst and the economic fallout will impact China's economy and the U.S.'s. The frenzy indicates that the blow-up will occur soon.

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Bottom line: A "yes" vote for Chairman Bernanke raises the likelihood of defeat for every member of the Senate standing for election in 2010 and 2012. And in any event, the rising tide of popular unhappiness with Washington and Wall Street promises to remake the American political landscape in a way not seen in the post WW II era. The comfortable assumption of stability in American political life is about to be replaced by instability and change, but that is what democracy is all about.

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In this 1.27.10 edition of the Fibozachi Technical Update (FTU), we present 15 technical profiles of the:

(1) S&P 500 E-mini contract (ES); (2) VIX (CBOE Volatility Index); (3) NYSE VOLD; (4) NYSE TICK; (5) US Dollar Index (DXY); (6) Crude Oil Futures (CL); (7) Gold Futures (GC); (8) Silver Futures (SI).

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ETF’s are bringing a long overdue shake up to the mutual fund world. Say goodbye to notoriously bloated expenses, spendthrift marketing costs, and bogus performance data. You’re the sucker who’s been paying for all those glitzy ads. (EEM), (EEG), (VWO), (GLD), (SLV), (QQQQ), (XLK), (PPLT), (PALL)

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In a theme everyone ought expect hear replayed ad nauseam for the next week, the infallible genii at Harvard's Kennedy School tell us (yet, again) that the US will be the target of an Al-Qaida WMD attack by 2013. (1) What stinky BO will announce during tonight's SOTU, (2) the WMD Commission's Report Card & Full Report and (3) KSG's latest ~ "Al Qaeda WMD Threat - Hype or Reality"