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Apparently this type of “climate change” is somehow shocking to Wall Street – but in the summer, it’s hot, and in the winter, it’s cold. Well gee! When their econometric models fail, which is 99.9% of the time, it’s great to have such a handy reason to be used in order to obfuscate why they are idiots.

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Gold and silver went up the dollar went down, +$33 and +$0.53 -64mg gold and -.05g silver. This Report looks into the market to understand its fundamentals, that is, where the price should be if physical metal were to clear based on supply and demand.

Of course, two factors make this very interesting. One is that the speculators use leverage, and they can move the price around. At least for a while. The other is that the fundamentals change. There is no guarantee that the prices of the metals will reach the fundamental price of a given day. Think of the fundamentals as gravity, not the strongest force in the system but inexorable, tugging every day.