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‘The End Is Not Near, It Is Here and Now’ – Gold Legend Jim Sinclair

Gold fell $28 or 1.73% yesterday in New York and closed at $1,591.60/oz.  Gold traded sideways prior to another 1% fall in Asia but has recovered somewhat in early European trading and has made gains in euros and Swiss francs particularly. 


Cross Currency Table – (Bloomberg)

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$7 Million a Minute

Watch out for exchange controls in Switzerland this weekend.

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ZH Evening Wrap Up 6/7/12

News and headlines from the day

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THe PhD CoMeDiaN aND HiS FLYiNG BiKe...

Plus, yet another cannibal...

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A Quick Note On China's Rate Cut

China Cut Their Rates for First Time Since '08 & we all know what happened in 2008, right? As the momentum drivenvtrades ramped markets I placed Armageddon put (way OTM, material time value) puts on throughout the morning - for literally pennies

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Dispel this farce...

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ZH Evening Wrap Up 6/6/12

News & headlines from the day

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The secret revealed...

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Greece Gets "Corzined" In Its Fruitless Pursuit of Euro Unity, Sans Its Own Sovereignty As Simple Arithmetic Sets In Again

The PIIGS will pop! I directly & explicitly compared the plights of Greece vs Spain 2 1/2 yrs ago before anyone even publicly admitted Greece would have to default, not to mention Spain!!!

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Is Einstein wrong..about the Fed?

While the WSJ article on the Fed paints a picture of controversy enshrining the usual hawk Vs dove sort of frame work ( or is that Hatfields Vs McCoys? Montague Vs Capulet)… what strikes me is the sense of agreement I get in reading this thing. Everyone at the Fed is on the very same page. John Hilsenrath is correct in concluding that there is a policy dilemma, but he does not connect the dots and say that it is a dilemma without much consequence. Yet it is quite clear that even those who would like the Fed to do more, are very disappointed with the results from what they already have done. If you ordered dessert and it was bad would you order more? The Fed would.

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