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I'm An American, So I Played It

“I suppose I could have added that since we somehow acquired the most dismal, virtually unsingable dirge of a national anthem of any known nation, we should decorate Hendrix for turning it into music.”--Dick Cavett

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Dispatches from Occupied Territory – The Awakening

Even though most of us come to Zero Hedge to learn, laugh, share and even rant, ultimately many of us are all alone as we cope with our awakening. While Tyler & Company do an excellent job deconstructing the insanity, rarely is our day to day emotional and psychological battering discussed. I offer the following occasional series as a small step in that direction.

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Independence Day

Our forefathers fought and sacrificed their lives, their fortunes and their comfort so we could be free ... but aren't things arguably as bad as under merry old King George?

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Investor Sentiment: The Pullback Will be Bought

The easy part was the bounce. The hard part was knowing that the SP500 was going to gain nearly 5.5% in one week.

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College Graduates: Too Many in China, Not Enough in America?

There are more than 1 million college-educated "ants" in China making an average $286 a month. While China seems to have an over-supply of college grads, the United States, on the other hand, is not producing enough college-educated workers, at least according to a new study released by Georgetown University.

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Richard Alford: Counter-Cyclical Follies

Increasing numbers of economists, market participants and some members of the US policy establishment have come to a greater appreciation of the role of globalization on US economic performance. They view globalization and the US policy response to it as the cause of the US asset price bubbles and hence the balance sheet nature of this “recession”. This perspective also implies that counter-cyclical fiscal and monetary policies do not address the cause of the under-performance of the US economy and hence are not solutions.

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One Chart tells it all-Happy American Liberty Day

Enjoy this great graphic summary of the American Budget on the Day of Liberty. Try finding the little Dot to the left on the Chart. Greece is not a black swan event, the US will be One. Presented without comments.

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Another 400 Years of Tyranny?

Following up on saving the world and some 4th of July thoughts on Greek and American nationalism...

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Some Greek History and Politics for Dummies-The Rage of Achilles

Is the Balkan mentality the biggest problem in trying to solve the Greek situation?

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Bosnienkrieg: Letter on the Mladic trial from the man who helped save Bihac the fate of Srebrenica

Below is a translation of a letter from Professor Schwarz-Schilling to Richard Herzinger of Die Welt c/o my friend Achim Duebel in Berlin. He writes: "Mr. Mladic perhaps is right to be angry, sitting so lonely in the dock in The Hague. A Europe unable to learn from its past sits in the shadow behind him."

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I go to a 4th of July party

Some fireworks go off.

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I wish all you a very Happy Independence Day 2011!

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Dark Side of The Buffoon...

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China’s Communist Party and it’s future

July 1st marked the 90 years anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC). China has undergone huge changes and will be the next super power. If we all end up working for the Chinese or not is to be seen, meanwhile we present some history on the Red Capitalist, that will drive China into the next World Super Power.

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90 Years of Communist China

The CPC (Communist Party of China) was founded on July 1, 1921 in Shanghai with a large working class support base. Throughout the past 60 years or so, China has never deviate much from socialism. With rapid growth, cracks are starting to surface.

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