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Circling Back to the Caisse and SARA Fund

I was summoned into a meeting at the Caisse late yesterday afternoon and received a hard slap on the wrists...

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Greed is go(o)d, or will it Destroy America?

Greed is Go(o)d? It sure seems the increasingly polarized American Society believes so. With the wealth getting even more concentrated among very few, this will cause the US big problems in future. The Elite is getting a rather skewed perception of what a CEO should be paid, and what rights they have. They are no uberperson, they are just human.

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Bernanke’s Losing Control Again

Bernake is slowly losing control of the system. In 2007, he was putting $30 billion into the system here and there. In 2008-2010, he upped the ante to $50 billion PER MONTH. QE 2 pushed the amount up to $100 Billion per month. And here he is, hinting at giving ANOTHER $300 BILLION when QE 2 ends!?!?

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What will happen if US misses Debt payments?

With the Greek vote now done, the oil reserves opened up and the equities market going higher during the last days, all is great. Let’s not forget about the US Debt problems though. August 4th coming up soon, and Obama needs to extend that parabolic chart….

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Anonymous | A99 #OpESR RICO Class Action Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve

"What we ask is that you spread the Truth and take ACTION! WE ARE ANONYMOUS. WE DO NOT FORGIVE. WE DO NOT FORGET.EXPECT US."

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Must We Prolong this Agony?-Spain

Greece’s problems are now “solved”, at least for some weeks, until the next debt tranches are to be repaid. The biggest pink Elephant in the Mediterranean, Spain, is passing by very calmly, with the tourists enjoying the cold cerveza on the beach. The summer months are the tourist months, but after this summer, when people decide not to buy all those cheap houses, the Pain will come back. Zapatero won’t run for another term next year, and the blame game has already started. With Spain facing the huge unemployment, the more than a million unsold homes, and local regions carrying “hidden debt”, we expect the autumn to be rather Spain oriented. From

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Winning Wednesday - Markets Make Sense to Charlie Sheen

How many times can the market rally on the same news - news that we know is nothing but BS number shuffling out of Europe that pushes the Greek crisis back for a year or two and nothing more?

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A EURO PLuMBiNG We WiLL Go (The Wisdom The Three Stooges aND MoDeRN FiNaNCe)

This ain't a house, it's a sieve...

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Federal Withholding Tax Data Says US Already In Recession

Then things fell apart. The government was peeling off its stimulus programs, gas and food prices had skyrocketed, and suddenly on May 17 tax collections fell versus the same period last year.

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Finding Investment Treasures in International Markets

Wherever you put your money, it’s important to stick to your investment discipline.

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Obama and the IEA - Egg on the face


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Financial Reform Destined to Fail-Hoenig

We have heard it all before. Self regulation, too big to fail, must be saved, bail out, tax payer paying the bill etc. Hoenig, not overly positive on the too big to fail institution, gives his view on the subject.

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Spain's Cajas hiding Debt

The biggest Elephant, still around, Spain’s troubled Cajas, are reportedly hiding large amounts of Debt. We have written extensively on the Spanish Economy and the problems it faces. Spain next up? Watch those CDS prices. Translated by Google, El Confidencial.

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Greece is fixed, or?

The Greek vote went great. Now we just have to fix the Economy. Remember, the ship is still sinking. After Greece short term liquidity has been “fixed”, we expect the problems in Spain to regain attention. Kathimerini on the Vote;

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The Beginning of the End of the Beginning of the Gutting of the Big Banks Has Begun!

In 2009 I warned that putback risk will be the harbinger of big bank downfall. Not much was made of it then, but to quote WSJ now, $8.5 billion in putbacks for BofA could "embolden mutual-fund managers, insurance companies and investment partnerships to seek similar settlements with other major U.S. banks by arguing that billions of dollars in loans they bought before the housing collapse didn't meet sellers' promises or were improperly managed."

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