• ilene
    01/28/2015 - 19:33
    Suppose you could print up counterfeit dollars, euros or yen that were identical to the real things. Fun, you think? Here's how it plays out. 


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Radiation Will Pollute the Area Around Chernobyl For 5 to 10 Times Longer Than Models Predicted - Between 180 and 320 Years

Comrade, you won't need a night-light for a LONG time ... you'll be able to read by your healthy communist glow

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ViSuaL CoMBaT DaiLY (8.22.11)

Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will be beneficial is not freedom.  --Friedrich August von Hayek

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Europe – “Sorry. That is a bad address”

What is a "Bad address? The answer:

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Wake Up Call: QE 2 Didn’t Solve Anything, QE 3 Won't Either

This reveals QE for what it really was: just another “hit” for drug addict that is the global debt system. We’ve already passed the point at which the negative effect of monetary easing (inflation) outweigh its positive effect (markets rallying). This is similar to the state of drug addiction in which the drug barely creates a “high” but is ravaging the user’s system with health problems.

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Muammar Monday – Forced Wealth Redistribution Cheers Markets

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The Squid: A Federally (Tax Payer) Insured Hedge Fund Paying Fat Bonuses That Can't Trade In Volatile Markets

Some investment and trading tidbits about the Squid that somehow have miracurously escaped both the pop media and sell side Wall Street... Hmmm....

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (Next Leg Down Edition)

I warned to get defensive several weeks ago. That warning is even more important now. I would avoid stocks and Treasuries as neither are particularly safe. I’d have increased exposure to cash and PHYSICAL bullion (Gold and Silver). If you have to remain long stocks shift into large-caps and companies that will exist a year from now (brands and industries people will need regardless of how bad the economy gets).

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GAO Fail: Phony Fed Audit Fails to Reveal BlackRock & Jamie Dimon's Dirty Secret

(But yes, @Nouriel, we need central banks, and moral hazard and FRB did not exist before 1913...Q.E.D., right?)

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Important Charts (DAX;STX;SPX;NDX)

The bounce has started (again), but don't get overly bullish.....

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Investor Sentiment: The Rubber Band is Stretched

These kinds of extremes in sentiment have not been seen for 12 months.

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Photos: Oil At BP's Deepwater Horizon Gulf Spill Site

BP would NEVER lie to us ...

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 80 Daddy’s sugar bowl empties

German taxpayers all along were wary of becoming the only teat on the EC’s udder for what Winston Churchill once called Europe’s soft underbelly. There is nostalgia, too, for the once high-flying DMark which few wanted exchanged in 2002 for Euros. Now those feelings are exploding with Germany’s vaunted economy going south – but not just for bailouts for Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and possibly Spain, and even Italy.

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To QE3 or Not to QE3

Perceptions have turned very negative and the media has been increasingly playing on fears (e.g. the U.S. debt ceiling crisis and the big default scare). If the economy gets so bad, and the stock market falls low enough, many believe the Fed will step in with another short term fix to prop up the stock market - QE3.

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Visual CoMBaT DaiLY (8.21.11)

Storm clouds over Martha's Vineyard...

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Business Lessons From a Pastry Chef

Courseille had created something that was not only delicious, but an additional revenue stream for his employer (the “chicken” sells for $12, and to be honest, I would have paid $20 for it, it’s that good). Whether the guy knows it or not, he’s a marketing genius (on top of a master pastry chef). I had to meet him.

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