• Sprott Money
    03/27/2015 - 04:54
    At first glance, the title to this commentary seems facile, especially to those readers in higher income brackets. The reality, however, is that “investing in food” is a risk-free means of generating...


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Don't take my Kodachrome away...

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Wall Street Protest: Time for Conservative Endorsements

Divide and conquer, boys ... divide and conquer!

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Robert Eisenbeis | Do the math

These back-of-the-envelope calculations suggests that the current attempts to deal with the nation’s fiscal problems are at best a sham and assume that the general public will be fooled into believing that the Congress has righted its ways and is attempting to put the nation on a sound financial footing.

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It is Time to Put Up or Shut Up

I see the equity markets at a pivotal juncture.

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I'm Hunting Big Game Today:The Squid On The Spear Tip, Part 1 & Introduction

This is the first in a series of articles to be released this weekend concerning the sell side's, media's, and general investing public's extreme under-appreciation for the risk that is Goldman Sachs, the Squid!

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News That Matters

All you need to read. (a little late today)

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Toxic Titles | Herkimer County Clerk to Nationwide Title Clearing “MERS Assignments and Satisfactions Do NOT Comply with NY Law"

This should get real interesting if the rest of the clerks in NY follow suit. Good luck on “fixing” this one Nationwide…

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ViSUAL CoMBaT DaiLY (9.30.11)

"It's a big club and you and I ain't in it."--George Carlin

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The Long Conversation

The seductive embrace of our collective insanity promises us all a softer easier way, an alternative path where we are told we can have our cake and eat it too. This is a bald faced lie, even if the machine consistently produces more cake as if by magic.

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After Europe's Finished It's Our Turn

The Fed’s decision to buy $400 billion of longer-term US Treasuries in this environment is essentially the Fed announcing that it will be covering a significant portion of new debt issuance going forward as a means of putting off the inevitable US debt default. At most the Fed has bought 2-3 months of time for the US. I fully believe that before the end of this year, the bond market will shift its sights away from Europe to the US. At that time, the US debt bubble will burst resulting in systemic failure.

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Apple vs Netflix-Why is Apple showing signs of “fatigue”?

Why is Apple showing signs of fatigue? Something Big about to happen?

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Reform Rebellion In Greece

As demands to bail out Greece wash over Europe, Greek society digs in its heels, and Greek ministries just pulled the rug out from under their prime minister.

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Durable Goods Orders Not A Durable Indicator

We all know that expansion of debt and financial chicanery are (or at least were) the key drivers of the US economy. And those things have limits as we have learned all too well.

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Wall Street Protest Growing

Not left versus right ... but 99.9% versus the .1% ...

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Sophisticated Ignorance Or Just A Very, Very Short Term Memory? Foolish Talk of German Bailouts Once Again

If I were able to show in this article that it really ISN'T different this time, would it change any decision maker's path or actions? We all know the answer to that question. Time to get those outlier event short positions ready, it's going to be a rough ride!!! A complete recap of recent events...

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