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Why The Foundation Of The Financial Markets Took A Big Hit

The Global Financial Market took a big hit in 2015 and most investors have no idea why.

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Venezuela This is Your Arab Spring (Video)

It is time for Venezuelans to organize and reject their failed government`s inept policies, kick out their incompetent leaders, and unqualified military generals from running business enterprises.

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Facebook and Exxon Mobil are both Overvalued Stocks for Different Reasons (Video)

XOM is trading as a Bond in this yield chasing QE inspired Central Bank World, and FB is your classic momentum stock

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ObamaCare Employer Mandate Set to Cripple Small Businesses

With transition relief ending to the employer mandate for small businesses in 2016 (and their larger brethren in 2015 – though still classified as small businesses by the SBA) and the rise of employment costs, small businesses which account for ~70% of new private sector jobs and 50% of existing employment, are set to face a whole new level of costs.

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IMF Forecasts 83% Decline of Venezuela's Bolivar by Year's End

In January, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) told us that Venezuela’s annual inflation rate would hit 720 percent by the end of the year. The IMF’s World Economic Outlook, which was published in April, stuck with the 720 percent inflation forecast. What the IMF failed to do is tell us how they arrived at the forecast. Never mind. The press has repeated the 720 percent inflation forecast ad nauseam.

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The Necessity of Human Action

Those who internationalize are like a surfer who is surfing several beaches at the same time, picking the best waves to try to ride, then backing out of each prior to its inevitable crash. This diversification offers considerably greater opportunity for the investor than he could ever achieve in any one jurisdiction.

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Arizona Governor Ducey Vetoes Gold

Unpersuaded by either the plight of the pensioners or the prospect of business growth in Arizona, Ducey vetoed gold. This is his second time to shoot down gold.

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A Little Market Insight Into How The Game Is Played (Video)

Every Game involves learning the rules of the game in order to be successful, the financial markets are the ultimate 4 dimensional futuristic chess game.

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Are Big Banks Pushing Regulators Into Fintech?

As reported earlier on Pitchbook, regulators are venturing into fintech targeting online lending platforms.  Numerous lending platforms evolved post financial crisis in order to extend credit to millions of Americans that normal banks couldn't extend credit to, or just flat out wouldn't extend credit to.

As is natural with internet companies, though, the methodologies employed evolved leaving banks antiquated; they can't (and couldn't, and won't be able to) compete given their cost to issue the dollar.

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There are many fine benefits of camping out. You might try it this weekend.

Allow your body and mind to experience the cold, hot, wet, hard, and dirty world that we are all perfectly designed to live in.

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Countries Teetering on the Verge of Bankruptcy

In the 15th century moneylender’s had their benches broken when they run out of their hard-earned cash on other people’s backs and hence the origin of ‘bankruptcy’.

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