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China-Japan Before China-Taiwan

Is it even plausible that China would go all nuke on the U.S. over Taiwan?

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Hyperinflation in Art Investment Market as Picasso Sells for $179 Million

As a diversification, art has some merit but only as a small part of an overall portfolio. For those of us who cannot afford a Picasso - as the great heritage of western art continues to be shuttered away in private Xanadus - gold remains an accessible and ideal store of value.

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American Cops Are More Heavily Armed than Front Line U.S. Combat Soldiers In Active War Zones

Why Are Domestic Law Enforcement More Heavily Armed than Our Soldiers?

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The ECB is Attempting to Corner the Bond Market… Buckle Up

Put another way, the amount of high quality collateral backstopping this mess has shrunken dramatically. On top of this, traders have been piling into sovereign bonds in anticipation of various QE programs, forcing yields to multi-decade if not multi-century lows.

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TRouBLe WiTH THe HouSe OF SauD...

Yes Sir your Royal Highness...

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“This Is A New World Order” - NATO Will Not Allow Greece Leave EU - Faber

He has previously advised to act as your own own central bank and buy physical precious metals as a hedge against currency depreciation and geopolitical crises. Faber believes that storing gold in Singapore is the safest way to own gold today.

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SmartKnowledgeU Podcast #6: Deciphering the Language of Lies

Very rarely, if ever, is there a failure of regulators, a failure of central bankers, a failure of commercial bankers, failures on the war on drugs, failures in military wars, etc. because all of these institutions and people deliberately plan, execute and achieve exactly what they intend to accomplish.

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Merkel's a butch of a chick... 

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Schäuble Warns of “Sudden” Greek Default

So on Monday? He refused to nail down a day. But Germany is ready.

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Central Banking and the Greatest Con Job in the History of Finance

The next time something breaks in the financial system… it won’t be just individual banks going belly up. It will be entire countries. What’s happened in Cyprus and Greece is coming to your neighborhood… wherever you are.

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Industry Standard be Damned!

Why "industry standard," together with "standard procedure" are probably two of the most overused phrases in business

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