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Recent Happenings in the Digital Coin World

This past Monday the US Marshals auctioned off the "Silk Road" Bitcoin wallets at a higher than expected price to a single bidder.  The Bitcoin market strengthened coming into the auction and has held on to most of the price gains.

In the alternative coin market, on the other hand, we saw panic selling of an alternative coin (but only on one site!) and aggressive selling across the spectrum of "scrypt" based coins.

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Dollar Technicals not as Strong as Fundamentals

Dispassionate overview of the price action in the foreign exchange market in the context of the funamental developments.    

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The Importance of Buying Lots of Time

Having time on your side is crucial to your trading success

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When the Defaults Come, So Will the Wealth Grab

The biggest problem with the epic Central Bank rig of the last five years is that propping up a bankrupt financial system by printing money only works for so long.

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Don't give me debts...

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Dragjhi is Transforming ECB and it will Look more like the Federal Reserve

Policy ws left on hold, as the ECB monitors the effect of its earlier initiatives and prepares for the TLTROs and ABS purchases.  However, important changes are taking place how it will conduct monetary policy starting next year. 

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SPaCe BooB

Are you in the mood?

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The Fed is Either Ignorant or Lying About Inflation… Neither Is Good

This is why the Fed’s claim that higher prices are just “noise” is so ridiculous. The Fed is either ignorant or lying. Neither of those is good. Indeed, the only support the Fed has for its claim is that bond yields remain at historic lows... which the Fed itself is causing.

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Lehman Brothers


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It's Crazy What This Commodity is Being Sold For!

We've been excited about agriculture for quite some time but this is just nuts. Literally.

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The Fed Has Failed… And Wasted Trillions of Dollars

The fact that the economy shrank like this, DESPITE all of the Fed’s interventions over the last five years AND the credit growth in the first quarter of 2014 is proof point blank that the Fed’s economic models are wrong.

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