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Collateralizing and Ensuring Physical Delivery of Gold Through the Blockchain - Faster, Cheaper, Safer!

With nearly $1B invested in blockchain related startups even the luddites are taking notice, but most still have no idea what this tech is capable of. Here's a shocker for the Gold crowd!

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DoT CoMMuNiSM...

Shang High...

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Stocks Are Poised to Lose 50%-90% in the Next Two Years

Historically, both times stocks registered similar readings, the markets plunged 50%-90% in the next two years.

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Gold Surges 3.5% in Euro and 2.2% in Pounds This Week

The monetary gun is shot and the Fed is out of ammo with little options should we have a new recession or a new financial crisis - both of which seem increasingly likely.

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Harper’s Folly: Canada Losing $30+ Billion/Year on Tar-Sands Oil

Oil is our most-precious commodity as fuel for the global economy. It is also becoming a scarce commodity, as global production has flattened, while global demand continues to climb relentlessly, everywhere in the world except for the dying economies of Europe and North America. It is a classic “seller’s market.”

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Yes they can...

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Spain may not be Greece, but it is Not the Opposite Either

Spain is not the good example to contrast Greece's bad example.

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The US Dollar Rally Will Crush Stocks…Just As It Did in 2008

As usual, US stocks are the last to “get it.” But this won’t last for long. The S&P 500 is sitting on the ledge of a massive cliff. And when it finally tumbles, the move will be both fast and violent.

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THe SeDuCTioN oF TSiPRaS...

Punch Nein!

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Bank Deposits No Longer Guaranteed By Austrian Government

Emergency legislation can be drawn up over-night. While Austria may be the first in enacting bail-in legislation there is no guarantee that savers, particularly in the peripheral nations, will receive any indication that their deposits may be at risk.

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Faith in Chaos

Massive misallocations of capital stare at us like wild caged animals through the bars of a cage in the zoo!

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USA Today: U.S. Government Tracked Billions of American Phone Calls BEFORE 9/11

DEA At Center of Yet ANOTHER Spying Scandal

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