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Washington Post: Europe Is Stuck In a “Greater Depression”

“It’s a Little Misleading to JUST Call This a Depression. It’s WORSE Than That”

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The Bond Market Explained for Mohamed El-Erian

The fundamental mistake is to think in terms of a low yield telling you anything about the economy, as it is price that you should be focusing on.

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AndersFogh Rasmussen #Danishdouchebag

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StealthFlation Defined

Suppresses true money velocity concealing real inflation risk to the economy
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Newsflash: Everyone Shops Online These Days!

Those people piling into bonds on bad retail sales numbers based upon antiquated retail correlations are in for one big surprise.

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If You Believe The Oil Bull Market Is Over, This Is How To Monetize Your Perspective With Up To 4x Leverage

Ways for retail investors, and institutions small and large, to monetize a fundamental or economic outlook that the muppet masters will never tell you!

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You unlock this door with the Anti-Keynesian imagination. Beyond it is a non-NWO dimension - a dimension of sound money, a dimension without missing flights, a dimension without Neocon lies. You're moving beyond the lands of CIA spooks and globalist ideals. You've just crossed over into the Twilight Zoneski. 

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Gold Not A Safe Haven? Tell That to Folk in Ukraine, Gaza, Syria and Iraq

This is especially the case in Ukraine where the currency has lost more than half of its value versus gold (see chart above and below). Gold in Ukraine Hrvynia is up 70% since the start of 2014. People who own gold in Ukraine would laugh at you, if you said that gold is not a safe haven. As would people in many countries in South America, the Middle East and Africa.

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We’ve Opened the Gates of Hell

Fukushima Spews Radiation World-Wide

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THe RuNaWaY...

Welcome to Neo-Amerika...

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The Oil Market QE Premium Is Coming out of Price

Is $85 a barrel in the cards? Sure it is once the Fed Effect on Oil Price comes out of the market.

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