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Gold Price to Double to Over $2,400 Per Ounce - Demand in Asia to Double in “Asian Century”

“Most of the time you don’t want to pay for it. But if you need it, you’re glad you have it ...”

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Up, up and away...

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Dr. Mark Skousen: I’ve Been Fighting a Battle Against these Ideas – the ‘Paradox of Thrift’ is a Myth (Sprott`s Thoughts)

According to Austrian economists like Dr. Skousen, consumption and consumer spending are not the main drivers of economic growth. What really drives an economy are investments and innovation from businesses.

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Pam was so Big she.....

Tens of millions of people will be affected one way or the other.

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Architects of Iraq War ADMIT It Was Illegal

"Old News"? Not When They've Repeated the Same Playbook in Libya, Ukraine, Syria, and ...

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Mr. Ponzi – Patron Saint

Mr. Ponzi was a charming con-artist who operated about a century ago in the United States and Canada.  He enticed investors to contribute new money to his investment scheme (100% return in 90 days), skimmed a portion for his luxurious needs, and used the remaining money to pay off prior investors.  The system worked marvelously until it collapsed and people realized that his postal reply coupon investments could not produce the profits that supposedly paid off early investors.

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LiKe A HeRD OF BLooDY SWiNe...

Happy St Puttnik Day!!!

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The 5 Most Crowded Trades on Wall Street: Part 2

The Bond bubble is not only an overcrowded trade, a bubble of historic proportions but it will cause the entire crash of the financial system.

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Happy Sunshine Week and Freedom of Infomation Farce...

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The 5 Most Crowded Trades on Wall Street: Part 1

I would say Apple is the most dangerous holding on the street right now for portfolio managers.

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Irish Finance Minister Dumps Stocks - Buys Gold

Happy Saint Patricks Day ! Thanks to all ZeroHedge readers for interaction, shares and indeed business.

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The Fed's Juicing the Market This Week… But What's Coming Won't Be Pretty

This is the short-term scenario. The longer-term scenario is that the market is prime for a sizable collapse.

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LeT'S GeT ReaDY To RuuuMBLeeee….

Jughead versus Hildebeast...

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The ECB Should End QE Next Month

I am not sure how long Mario Draghi can carry on this QE Charade, but it is quite obvious that there is nothing more to be gained from the program.

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