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    07/07/2015 - 13:55
    Corruption has been the coveted jewel in everybody’s crown since antiquity. Aristotelian philosophy believed that everybody who had power could become corrupt.


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Week Ahead: Greece Casts Long Shadow while US Economic Momentum Strengthens

Greek end hogame is at hand.  US economy is gaining momentum--consumption, capex, and housing.  Several equity markets are at cross-roads.

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Could Russia Save Greece?

And does it really want to?

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Greek Contagion Abyss Looms – Wealth Preservation Strategies

A Greek exit from the euro would change everything. The greatest change being simply doubt and fear regarding the outlook for other vulnerable EU nations, EU banks and the EU banking and financial system. We discuss short and long term considerations, best and case outcomes, and wealth preservation strategies.

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The Truth About Greece… and What It Means For Larger Problem Countries

The situation in Greece has very little to do with politics or economics. Instead it is entirely focused on just one thing.

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Gold on Track for Second Weekly Rise

Gold aided by a softer dollar, the Greek debt debacle and the U.S. Federal Reserve chairperson, Janet Yellen’s dovish comments from this week’s monetary policy statement.

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The Beast

The amount of hate crawling through his soul must be mind-numbing.

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Regulation A+ Set To Go Live Today

The government is prepared to finally enact one of the remaining (and arguably most important) two titles of the US JOBS Act. Regulation A+, as it’s colloquially known, is an amendment to the existing, albeit anemic, Regulation A exemption. A+ increases the total amount of capital a company can raise from $5 million to $50 million in a 12 month period, but comes with several caveats that won’t make it a feasible fundraising method for most startups.  

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LeWD TeN DoLLaR NoTe...


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Here today, gone to motto...

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The Fed is Now Officially in VERY Serious Trouble

This is the REAL issue with interest rates, NOT the economy. 

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Russia Buy Gold Bullion For “Principles Of Diversification” – Central Bank Governor

“We have both accumulated buffers and gold currency reserves, and we have introduced a floating currency exchange rate in order to absorb various shocks,” Nabiullina said.

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Inflation Rages on, Beef Hits New Record High

As we reported last year, inflation was raging in food prices. This came at a time, when the FED had the audacity to claim that inflation was "too low".

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