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Debt makes you free...

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Greece is Playing to Lose

The future of Europe now depends on something apparently impossible: Greece and Germany must strike a deal.

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When the shill hits the fan...

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What's Coming Will Be Much Much Worse Than 2008

Today the financial system is even more leveraged than in 2007… backstopped by even less high quality collateral. And this time around, most industrialized sovereign nations themselves are bankrupt, meaning that when the bond bubble pops, the selling panic and liquidations will be even more extreme.

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Stockman's Prescient Prediction

Perhaps, as in 2008, commodities are a very large canary in a very crowded coalmine. I am highly confident Mr. Stockman's prediction about North Dakota is going to come all too true.

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Oil Prices Rebound…but not a True Recovery

Three consecutive days of oil prices rising and suddenly all is well again. This is the extremely short sightedness that the markets possess. The bottom callers have come out in droves, screaming that prices will only move higher from here, but will they?

There is a possibility that oil prices may of hit a near term low, and will likely stabilize in the $40 to $45 per barrel range. However, the reasons for the recent rise in oil prices that market pundits have been expressing are simply not true.

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MeeT YouR NeW ENeMY...

The same as your old new enemy...

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The Global Financial System Stands On The Brink Of Second Credit Crisis

The world economy stands on the brink of a second credit crisis as the vital transmission systems for lending between banks begin to seize up and the debt markets fall over. The latest round of quantitative easing from the European Central Bank will buy some time but it looks like too little too late.

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Get ready to rumble...

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The Template For How the Next Crisis Will Unfold

This is the template for what’s coming.

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The Paradox Inherent in Any Slave Nation Revolution

The ultimate enemy of a revolution is not the oppressive government it is attempting to overthrow, but the general population it is trying to 'free'.

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Don’t Let The Recent Price Drop Fool You – US Retail Demand For Gold and Silver Sky-high!

We are in record territory and demand for gold and silver keeps rising...

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Brian Williams’ Lie: The Bigger Picture

Star News Anchor’s Fib In Context

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