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The Creeping Theft of Freedom

Straight Out of the Third Reich - User's Manual


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How Much Is NSA Spying Costing In Lost Productivity?

How Are The Spooks Messing With Your Computer and Reducing Your Productivity?


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It’s the Result of the Globalized World

What exactly is happening in this globalized world? What’s happening in the world that one day somebody constructed in which everybody had access to everybody’s private life via social networks and even some had access to it through special programs that they gave fancy names to like Prism and the President’s Surveillance Program?


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Janet Yellen is Taking Away the Punchbowl… For Now

Yellen’s decision to continue tapering QE indicates that she is aware of the fact the markets are getting out of control again or are approaching a bubble. This is further confirmed this by her decision to drop the 6.5% unemployment threshold as well as her suggestion that interest rate hikes could come as soon as six months after QE ends this coming December.


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The Sovereignty Series - Swimming with the Sharks - Being a Small Fish in a Big Pond

This contradicts their claim to sovereign power by way of their superior intellect, business prowess, hereditary entitlement, military strength, political power, majority consensus or whatever story they can pull out of their hat.  


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Adios Fannie Pref

This is Washington, where nothing makes sense.


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“Do You Think That Because I’m CHAIRMAN of The Intelligence Committee That I Just Say “I Want It”, and They Give It To Me? ...

... They Control It. All Of It. ALL of It. ALL THE TIME. I Only Get – and My Committee Only Gets – What They WANT To Give Me.”


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China Contracts

Spending just $3.33 on US-produced goods every year by every person in the USA would create 10,000 jobs. We obviously don’t have that much money to spend or we don’t care


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Market based approach to Russia

Let's examine what happened from the beginning.  An extreme right wing group, with US and NATO support (according to released internal transcripts), overthrew the legitimate Ukrainian government (illegally) via violent coup.  The fact that this group had western support is not important really, but should be noted.  So according to 'international law' - this 'country' is NOT Ukraine.  Ukraine cease to exist when this happened.  The new 'government' - not popularly elected, seized control by force.


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ENJoY VaTiCaiNe...



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The Turkish Government Is About To Find Out Why Bitcoin Is Not A Bubble!!!

I bet you the Turkish government can explain the intrinsic value of Bitcoin to Krugman and Roubini very soon as they systematically lose the ability to censor information due to Namecoin and affiliated technologies.


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For Gmail...


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