• Marc To Market
    11/26/2014 - 09:14
    Is the oil cartel impotent?  Is the price of oil going to fall further?  What to expected from tomorrow's OPEC meeting.


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THe CHoiCe BRoTHeRS...

Political inbreeding run amuck...

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The NSA is Neat!

Sure, it would be neat. Maybe the gang could stop by the malt shop and grab a pop and a burger! We wouldn't want to be late to the sock hop at the gym tonight and spin a few platters. I heard there might even be some necking afterwards!

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Government Lied About Pandemic Which Killed 50 Million People … Attempt to “Prevent Panic” Backfired

Governments Have Suppressed the Dangers of Epidemics Before, Only Making Things Worse

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The BIG Issue if the GOP Takes the Senate

 If the GOP takes the senate, the days of the Fed doing whatever it wants will have ended. This may well in fact be what pops the US stock market bubble. The GOP hasn't controlled the Senate at any point since the Crisis hit in 2008. If the GOP controls both the House and the Senate, the Fed will be in for SERIOUS problems. 

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The final fantasy begins....

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CHoiCe 2014...

Now remember to get out there and vote...

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HERE’S Why Ebola Is No Longer In the News

Mainstream Press Agrees Not to Report Suspected Cases

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Chi Chi, get the yeyo...

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It's 2007 All Over… Except the Fed is Effectively Out of Ammo

In simple terms… we’re back in 2007, but the Fed will have very real limitations to what it can do when this bubble pops. And it will pop in the not so distant future.

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Gold and Silver Supply and Demand 2 Nov

Woe unto the gold speculators, and a curse laid upon the house of silver.

At least, that’s how it may feel. In more clinical terms...

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A Kept Culture

The perks that come with being kept will not survive the breaking of the keep.

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WHeN MoNeY DiES...

They had no idea what was coming...

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Divergence Aids Dollar, but No Currency War

When Calpers buys an international asset for its investors, is it intervening in the forex market on behalf of the US?

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NEWSFLASH: The Fed Isn't Stopping QE!

The Federal Reserve is saying one thing, but is actually doing the complete opposite...

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