• GoldCore
    08/04/2015 - 06:08
    The headlines are dramatic, ugly and depressing to anyone who holds gold right now. Broad market sentiment has shifted from disdain and dismissive to highly negative. Hedge funds are shorting gold...
  • Pivotfarm
    08/03/2015 - 15:25
    The quest for perfection is man’s unattainable goal. Man can never be perfect if we are to believe the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Man is man’s wolf and all of that.


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Need a Quick Break From It All?

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Don't spend too much time wondering why, it just does...over and over and over

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China stocks have fallen by as much as -30% over the past three weeks.  What would Janet Yellen do if the S&P 500 Index was falling by -30% in similarly short order?

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Leveraged Chinese “Investors” Learning a Painful Lesson

Markets have begun seizing up as sellers overwhelm the system. The China Securities Regulatory Commission, has described market participants as being “irrationally” driven by “panic sentiment” despite there having been no rational basis for the run up in Chinese markets before they peaked last month.

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MeeT THe CHiNeSe TRaDiNG DoGS...

Every dog have it's bad trading day...

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Department Of Labor Announces Raise For Overtime Threshold

The DOL recently proposed raising the overtime threshold from $23,600 to $50,400 making this only the second time they’ve addressed the issue since 1975. According to the department, 62 percent of workers qualified for overtime back then, whereas today, only eight percent do. At the current overtime threshold, Americans would have to live below the poverty threshold ($24,008 for a family of four) before a jobholder could qualify for overtime. 

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Silver Craters: Exhaustion, Capitulation ... Or Opportunity Ahead?

We are entering the final phase of a cyclical bear market...

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VaRouFaKiS vs THe SQuiD...

Hey, what's that sucking noise...

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Faber: “Wake Up, People of the World! Greece Will Come to You …Very Soon”

“Wake up, people of the world and investors! Greece will come to your neighbourhood very soon, maybe not this year but next year or whenever…because the world is over-indebted and defaults will follow or they’ll have to create very high inflation rates”.

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Top Corrupt Leaders in the World

Corruption has been the coveted jewel in everybody’s crown since antiquity. Aristotelian philosophy believed that everybody who had power could become corrupt.

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Greece is Just the First of MANY Countries That Will Be Going Belly-Up

The Big Crisis, the one in which entire countries go bust, has begun. It will not unfold in a matter of weeks; these sorts of things take months to complete. But it has begun.

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How do you say grilled squid in Greek?

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THERE’S Your Hyperinflation!

In hyperinflation, the currency's purchasing power collapses. Many Fed critics have predicted this will come soon, though it hasn't happened yet. However all is not well with the dollar.

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