• ilene
    01/28/2015 - 19:33
    Suppose you could print up counterfeit dollars, euros or yen that were identical to the real things. Fun, you think? Here's how it plays out. 


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The Charlie X Solution

And yet on Friday morning, the solution came to me in a shot. And, as with most good solutions, it comes from no less a place than Star Trek: The Original Series. Hear all now my idea:

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OUTLOOK 2015 – Uncertainty, Volatility, Possible Reset – DIVERSIFY

  • Global Debt Crisis II – Total Global Debt to GDP Ratio Over 300% - Risk of Bail-Ins in 2015 and Beyond - Currency and Gold Wars - $1 Quadrillion “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Derivatives - Cold War II and New World Order as China and Russia Flex Geopolitical Muscles - Enter The Dragon – Paradigm Shift of China Gold Demand - Forecast 2015: None. Forecast 2020: Gold $2,500/oz and Silver $150/oz
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On Epstein's fantasy Island...

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A World Without (Big) Banks, Part I

In our Wonderland Matrix; we are frequently sold perversion by our corrupt governments, criminal banks, and (of course) the parrots of the Corporate media. Black is white. Down is up. Bad is good.


With respect to the latter perversion; while we have many examples to choose from, there could be no better selection than the obscenity dubbed by the Big Banks themselves as “too big to fail”. Regular readers are already familiar with my condemnation of this fraud, as too-big-to-fail is literally nothing but (very) thinly-veiled blackmail.

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Better than expected Unemployment, Can the US decouple from the potential Global Economic Slowdown?

Will Oil find a Support in the coming weeks? Whats the long term impact of low OIL prices?

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Bullet Doddged

For now, they've failed............but the fact that this watering-down was even considered is something I find sickening.

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BiG BoeHNeR...

Totally rad! Time for some Beer Pong...

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In Search of a Perfect Place

To globetrotting investor or expat traveler New Zealand offers a lot more than just Hobbits and Sauvignon Blanc

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Savage Slaughter In Paris Underlines West and Freedom Itself Vulnerable

The attacks pose threats to our already under attack freedoms - freedom of the press, freedom of privacy, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, expression and thought. Unless as a race we change direction - the prospect for greater instability in the form of terrorism and war in the near future is very high ...

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Why Don't "Moderate" Muslims Condemn Terrorism ??!

What You're Not Hearing ...

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The $100 Trillion Reason Why Central Banks Are Terrified of Debt Deflation

All of this makes no sense at all until you consider that ALL Central Banking actions have been focused on one thing: making sure the global bond bubble DOESN’T IMPLODE.

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Frau and Herr Nein...

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Continued strength in the Equity Markets, What's next for the USD?

Will there be Parity in the EUR/USD? Will OIL build on a possible support level?

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Dollar Shoots Higher

Cry if you want to, but the dollar is stronger.  Deny it if you want to, but the US economy is more vibrant now than the Europe or Japan.   This is what is shaping the investment climate, if you are interested. 

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