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    05/26/2015 - 16:54
    We have fast-paced lives, we pay to get fast-tracked, we eat fast-food and we fast-forward on a film that bores us. Our lives are fast. We even have fast fashion; our clothes are fast these days from...

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The Only Way to Save the Economy: Break Up the Giant, Insolvent Banks

And end the Fed ...

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If the “Occupy” Movement and Tea Party Join Together, We Can End the Malignant Partnership Between Big Government

Forget the false left-right divide ... we're ALL Americans and we're ALL fighting the merger of BIG government and BIG business

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Federal Reserve and Bank of America Initiate a Coup to Dump Billions of Dollars of Losses on the American Taxpayer

Just another coup, which will scalp us of many billions of dollars ...

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"Enforce the Laws for the 99%"

Want to know what Occupy Wall Street is about?  Watch this ...

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Is Anyone Dumb Enough to Believe that Obama Supports the 99%?

Obama Pretends He Supports the 99% … But He’s a Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
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Economists: End Or Drastically Downsize the Fed

It's not just uninformed people who want to end the Fed.

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More Police Brutality ... Protesters Win (For Now) ... Own a Piece of History

Update on protests ...

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No One Is Buying Iranian Terror Allegations

"The most difficult challenge in writing about the Iranian Terror Plot unveiled yesterday is to take it seriously enough to analyze it"

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Protest Demands: Experts Say They’re Not Necessary, Despite Media Whining

Nice try, mainstream media ...

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Do We Need Politicians, Or Can We Cut Out the Middleman?

No ... Only True Public Servants

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Do We Need Banks, Or Can We Cut Out the Middleman?

No and Yes ...

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Occupy Wall Street and Occupy the Fed: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Conservatives and liberals are both right ... Just looking at different sides of the same coin.

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Should Politicians Wear Uniforms Like NASCAR Racers?

The best politicians money can buy

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