Geoffrey Raymond

Nothing quite captures the personalities of Wall Street like a Geoffrey Raymond piece.

"Existential Rage In The Workplace" - A Christmas Present Idea From Geoffrey Raymond

In recent years Geoffrey Raymond's annotating opportunities have slowed to a trickle courtesy of every central bank going all-in on some $11 trillion in QE (and rising fast) to create the artificial impression that the financial system is stable (because in some parallel universe 6 years of endless bailouts somehow is equivalent to stability and is expected to "boost confidence"), although if recent market volatility is any indication, he may soon be making a repeat appearance, if only in front of energy trading desks at first. And while we await Raymond to once again make mainstream media headlines, he has a special holiday gift idea for all those Zero Hedgers who have not yet parlayed their trillions (if Joe LaVorgna is correct) in savings from plunging crude prices into even more consumerism. Presenting "Existential Rage in the Workplace" from Geoffrey Raymond.

The "Formerly Brilliant Dimon" And Maxine Waters Debate Delta Hedging And Negative Convexity Live

As if last week's bought and paid for by JPMorgan media circus in the Senate was not enough, in which Jamie Dimon played several bribed muppets like a fiddle, today we get part two. Momentarily, the Committee on Financial Services will pick up the baton where the Senate left off, and confirm to everyone that the people who lead this country, at least on paper, are some of the most incompetent, and outright clueless when it comes to financial matters. The same matters that have led America to the Second great depression, which has so far been prevented from wiping out 20% of the economy only courtesy of Bernanke's relentless money printing. Dimon's testimony, which is a replica of last week's, can be found here. In other news, Jamie Dimon is furious he never bribed Maxine Waters before. Now he will have to explain introductory math for absolute idiots. Karma is a bitch.

...As For Corzine - Your Chance To Either Own A Piece Of The Fastest Appreciating Asset, Or At Least Annotate It

A long, long time ago, back when we could barely rub together 10 visitors a day, we suggested an "Investment idea that gets you point with the ladies" in the form of art conceived by the inimitable Geoffrey Raymond. Judging by market clearing prices, anyone who listened to our advice back then, when a typical Raymond sold for $20-$30K, has generated returns well in excess of either gold or silver - an SAC-blush worthy 50% CAGR! Raymond's latest product has a starting bid of $85,000 and will only go higher. If anyone has some devaluing fiat with Corzine's name written all over it (literally) they can do the barter here. For everyone else, this is your chance to not only annotate it as Raymond will transcribe the wittiest Zero Hedge comments onto the painting, but tell one of the biggest criminals, and we have to add "alleged" for legal purposes but whatevs, of 2011, who will almost certainly never be arrested, not even if he were to pitch a tent in the middle of Zuccoti Park, how you really feel.

The (Zero Hedge Reader) Annotated Krugman

(In)famous artist Geoffrey Raymond has found a brilliant and 100% margin-generating scheme for boosting the prices of his trademarked annotated paintings: he opens them up for indirect commentary to the Zero Hedge community, which are then subsequently superimposed on to the painting itself. It worked for Jim Cramer, it worked for Ayn Rand, and now, it will work for Krugman (or rather the proud owner thereof). Black and White Krugman. Of course, in the process Raymond has made our prediction from two years ago that his work will be among the best IRRing cash allocation opportunities around, with recent clearing prices generating a triple digit investment CAGR for those who followed our January 2009 advice. So without further ado, here is Raymond's still unfinished Krugman, where the most eloquent ZH comments will take their rightful place. And P.S. no stimulus, fiscal or monetary, was wasted, or monetized, in the creation of this portrait.

The Annotated Ayn Rand

It is no secret that Geoffrey Raymond, the author of the infamous "Annotated ____" series, is one of Zero Hedge's favorite artists, in no small part due to the crowdsourced method of artistic creation. Indeed, it was only last summer that a copy of the Annotated Cramer (who can forget that prominent third nipple) was sold to a mysterious collector for a stately sum after it was annotated (in addition to the comments from the usual disgruntled suspect scribbling directly on the canvas) with comments compiled from our own post revealing this masterpiece. And once again, just as it should be, Zero Hedge and it's readers get the last word.  Prior to shipping his portrait of Ayn Rand to its new buyer, Geoffrey Raymond has invited ZH readers to submit a final round of comments, which he will then transcribe, more or less verbatim, onto the painting. He painted The Annotated Rand to coincide with last month's release of the Atlas Shrugged movie (a truly terrible flick, we are told) and the annotations inscribed in black were taken outside the premiere, then later at theaters around NYC.  The blue comments were taken at his usual stomping grounds outside the NYSE.  The Raymond market, as we've predicted here before, remains hot, with prices for this best work now flirting with six figures.  Might make sense to go to and pick up a choice one while they still cost just a little more than a handful of gold coins in CME-adjusted terms. Regarding the Rand painting, our favorite annotation is "Rand + Greenspan = Bonnie + Clyde". All you closet Objectivists can now step up to the plate and have at it...

Your Chance To Own A Little Piece Of Cramer

It is no secret that Zero Hedge's favorite contemporary painter since what now seems time immemorial is none other than the unbeatably original Geoffrey Raymond. While his art has not made Sotheby's yet, it will eventually: after all who would not rather bet on the upside appreciation of an annotated painting of Dick Fuld, capturing the bipolar euphoria of a just insolvent Lehman Brothers for $30K than a diamond skull by Damien Hurst for a hundred million, with guaranteed downside?  That said, $30K may be a little steep for a population which still has to feel the impact of inflation on its paycheck. Which is why we are delighted to once again offer Zero Hedge readers the chance to get what Raymond calls The Perfect Gift for the Person who has (Almost) Everything... and at a discount. Geoffrey is offering signed and numbered prints of five of his favorite paintings with guaranteed delivery by the 24th.  They are "The Annotated Fuld", "The Annotated Fed", "The American Investor", "Big Lloyd 3 (The Root)" and one of my all-time favorites, "Cramer:  Naked Short".  Taken together, they are an amazing visual document of the American financial meltdown.  All these can be found at After all what better inflation hedge than acquiring a print of the unbridled genius presented below. Considering the subject's most recent Nielsen ratings, it may be archival very, very soon.

Yen Now Back To Pre-Intervention Levels

The BOJ has now learned the hard way that these days $20 billion doesn't buy you much: specifically - about 20 days, and a Geoffrey Raymond painting of Ben Bernanke running naked behind the US dollar with a chainsaw and a homicidal grin. The USDJPY is now back to where it was when Shirakawa injected Y2.125 trillion, only to see the impact trickle down to nothing. Considering Monday's BOJ action did nothing to weaken the yen, it is almost certain Shirakawa will pull another $20 billion rabbit out of his hat: this time we expect the impact to last at most half as long as the last time.

Presenting: The Annotated Cramer

And now the one you've all been waiting for. Legendary painter Geoffrey Raymond has just completed his Annotated Cramer, suggestively titled "Naked Short." If the annotation on the painting and its sheer brilliance alone does not fetch millions of dollars in a few years time (in today's dollars, not in post QE2.0 hyperdevalued greenbacks), the third Fibonacci nipple will surely do it. Here is your chance to get the only Cramer-associated asset that will continue to grow in value.

Geoffrey Raymond. ('nuff said.)

Just in case you haven't noticed, Zero Hedge is proud to offer a series of print reproductions by Geoffrey Raymond.  Yes, that Geoffrey Raymond.  This is your chance to own a piece of meltdown history, and support one of the great meltdown visionaries of our time.  The prints are limited runs, so get them while they last.

Visit the online catalog here:

Annotating Ben's Helicopteresque Mug

Zero Hedge's favorite artist Geoffrey Raymond hits the streets and captures the creative process in action. Also, for all who want to share their thoughts first hand (and thus become a part of history) on the "giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money", the annotation of the "Big Lloyd 3 (The Root)" will occur this Friday behind ground zero (85 Broad) - not to be confused with "Big Lloyd 1 (,6 Billion)". Pens will be provided.

Investment Idea That Gets You Points With the Ladies

The market is crashing, the S&P will hit 500 soon, Sotheby's stock is plummeting: is there any way to invest in artistic assets in this environment? Our recommendation - get on the prebuy list for Geoffrey Raymond.

Investment Idea That Gets You Points With the Ladies

The market is crashing, the S&P will hit 500 soon, Sotheby's stock is plummeting: is there any way to invest in artistic assets in this environment? Our recommendation - get on the prebuy list for Geoffrey Raymond.