Bank Stocks, Dollar Slide Hit By Fresh Tax Reform Doubts

U.S. equity futures are little changed as European and Asian shares retreated, led by sliding bank stocks and a drop in the dollar as doubts over republican tax cuts and ongoing bond curve flattening hurt sentiment and prompted fresh questions over the viability of the US expansion.

Europe Is Booming, Except It's Not

"European GDP rose 0.6% quarter-over-quarter in Q3 2017, the eighteenth consecutive increase for the Continental (EA 19) economy. That latter result is being heralded as some sort of achievement, though the 0.6% is also to a lesser degree. The truth is that neither is meaningful, and that Europe’s economy continues toward instead the abyss."

Growth In China Is Slowing: What Does It Mean For Commodity Prices

With economic growth slowing in China, the question is i) will it continue into 2018, and ii) will it lead to bulk commodity prices deflating? In short, due mainly to slower overall credit growth vs. prior mini-bubbles (i.e., 2009, 2013, and 2016), a material slowdown in economic growth or asset values in China’s market is inevitable.

The World's Biggest Bubbles

“Like Chuck Prince said 10 years ago, we have to keep dancing. But we’re not as reckless as the bankers in 2006 and 2007. We try to be as close to the door as possible.”

Tailing 3Y Auction Prices At Highest Yield Since April 2010

In the first of this week's three auctions, the Treasury sold $24 billion in 3 Year paper in a medicore, tailing auction, which stopped at 1.75%, a 0.2bps tail to the 1.748% when issued, and the highest yield since 1.776% in April 2010.