"Game Changer"

"A genuine paradigm shift is occurring presently and few see it... A game changer for investors."

Extremes Are Everywhere

"The complete disregard for 'risk' has never worked out well for investors in the past and is unlikely to be different this time either..."

Science Tells Us This Is All True

"'s a pretty slippery slope. If we judge everyone throughout history based on our values today, we’ll never stop tearing down monuments..."

Can The Government Keep Us Safe?

"The government cannot keep us safe, but it claims that it can. It wants to interfere with our natural rights to self-defense and to privacy, but whenever it does so, it keeps us less safe."

Future Headlines...

Should we at some point in the near future see headlines like these, we would be wise to take it as a warning of the death-knell of freedom...

Where US Stocks Are Traded Today

The US equity market structure has never been more fragmented, with 12 exchanges, over 40 alternative trading systems, dozens of dark pools, it means that the venerable New York Stock Exchange gets barely 13% of the US stock trading volume.