This Is What America's Top Trading Partners Export To The US

With concerns about protectionism rising, whether in the context of the Border Adjustment Tax or simple tariffs, Barclays has compiled a useful table sumamrizing what goods America's top trading partners export to the US for - mostly cheaper - consumption, compared to domestically produced equivalents.

"The Jinga's Up"

When valuations reach extremes, despite what the masses say, even greater fools run out.

Super Bowl Inflation - 2017 Edition: This Is The Year To Go

If seeing a Super Bowl in person is on your 'Bucket List', this is the year to go... The economic message out of this data: either the high end consumer (about the only people that can afford to attend the game) is cutting back on his/her leisure budget, or the Super Bowl is losing a little of its destination-event appeal.

Japan - It's Finally Happening

"I still shake my head at the stupidity. One of the most overindebted countries in the history of modern finance trading with a 0% thirty year bond... But this week the market decided to test the BoJ’s resolve... The market is finally saying the demand for credit is enough to force the Bank of Japan to buy bonds to keep rates down. And that was the signal I was waiting for. I am shorting JGBs with both fists."

Exposing The Left's War Against Ordinary Americans

The threat to Trump’s presidency presented by the paradoxical alliance of the ruling oligarchs with what purports to be the "liberal/progressive/left." is real. "... to the protesters. It wasn’t the killing of their families and destruction of their homes and countries that might make Muslims into terrorists. It is banning them from entry as refugees that turns them into terrorists!"

India Is Not The Next China

"Intellectuals should engage in some self-reflection on why they have been consistently wrong about India... There is no point in holding out much hope for India. Rather, it is ever easier to conclude that it is on the way to becoming the next banana republic, similar to neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar or Nepal."

3 Things: Fed Fubar, Feb Flop, & A Fifty-Percent Drop

"The problem our nation faces is a serious one. We have now paired a massive speculative bubble with an errant pin that has every prospect of creating disruption. A steep financial retreat was already baked in the cake prior to the election - there are few policies that have the capacity to make the consequences substantially better, but many that could make the outcomes substantially worse."

JPM's Kolanovic Warns Complacency Has Set In, Expects A Market Pullback As Volatility Returns

"We believe the market will be more volatile and note that two-thirds of our projected target have already realized. This means that the market risk-reward has deteriorated. Following the recent rally, a level of risk complacency has started to set in.  Despite the complacency and risks around high leverage, a potential pullback would likely be relatively shallow, e.g. ~5%."