Car Crash - The Wait Is Over

" sales is used-vehicle supply... The same thing that stopped the decline in used-vehicle values during the last recession will be needed this time around: years of declining new-vehicle sales."

The Fading Scent Of The American Dream

This is the reality: the American Dream is now reserved for the top 0.5%, with some shreds falling to the top 5% who are tasked with generating a credible illusion of prosperity for the bottom 95%.

What Could Pop The Everything Bubble?

Many observers wonder what, if anything, could pop the everything bubble. This leads to an interesting question: what problems can’t be solved by creating another trillion and buying assets?

The EU Lectures Journalists About PC Reporting

" not associate terms such as 'Muslim' or 'Islam'... with particular acts," because to do that is to "stigmatize." What exactly does this mean? That when a man shouts "Allahu Akbar" after having gunned down, run over with a truck, or blown to bits dozens of innocent pedestrians or concertgoers, we are supposed to ignore that little detail?

Where To Invest When (Almost) Everything's In A Bubble

"The ashes of wealth consumed by the 2008-09 Global Financial Meltdown are still warm, at least to those who never recovered, and so buying assets at nosebleed valuations in the hopes of earning another 5% aren't very compelling to anyone pursuing common-sense risk management..."

Economic Recovery - But For Who?

"The Federal Reserve is protecting, enabling, and rewarding a shrinking number simply for being asset holders (not for doing anything with those assets) while punishing the growing majority for having few or no assets... and ensuring the vast majority never will be asset owners as asset prices surge versus stagnant wages."

Paul Craig Roberts To The American Left: R.I.P.

"The American leftwing has been transmogrified. The left, which formerly stood for 'peace and bread', today stands for Identity Politics and war. The working class has been redefined as 'the Trump deplorables' and splintered into separate 'victim groups' - women, racial minorities, homosexuals, transgendered. .."

BofA: "The Market Implies There Is No Way A Shock Can Happen"

Generally, the longer time passes without an abrupt market correction, the higher the likelihood of it happening. Markets pricing very little potential for a shock seems at odds with still elevated geopolitical and policy risk globally.