Bank Stocks, Dollar Slide Hit By Fresh Tax Reform Doubts

U.S. equity futures are little changed as European and Asian shares retreated, led by sliding bank stocks and a drop in the dollar as doubts over republican tax cuts and ongoing bond curve flattening hurt sentiment and prompted fresh questions over the viability of the US expansion.

Growth In China Is Slowing: What Does It Mean For Commodity Prices

With economic growth slowing in China, the question is i) will it continue into 2018, and ii) will it lead to bulk commodity prices deflating? In short, due mainly to slower overall credit growth vs. prior mini-bubbles (i.e., 2009, 2013, and 2016), a material slowdown in economic growth or asset values in China’s market is inevitable.

Ethereum Slides After Coding Bug Freezes Wallets Containing $280 Million

In a vivid reminder of the risks involved for cryptocurrency investors, Ethereum slumped on Tuesday when a critical security vulnerability in multi-signature wallet belonging to London startup, Parity Technologies, was triggered on 6th November?, ?paralyzing wallets created after the 19th of July, and freezing tens of millions in ethereum.

Is Korea Just A Smokescreen?

"Looking at the bigger picture, it seems more likely that the entire Korean issue is a smokescreen designed to provide cover for a military buildup intended to intimidate or even force China to abandon its challenge to the U.S. dollar. However, China is not Iraq or Libya. It is a major nuclear power."

Global Stocks Drift Lower As US Futures Rebound From Overnight Scare, Oil At 2 Year Highs

Following an early shaky start, which saw the Hang Seng tumble as much as 1.6% driven by weakness in financials and real estate names following the latest warning by PBOC governor Zhou about "sudden, complex, hidden, contagious, hazardous" risks In markets and a decline in local real estate prices, and pressure global risk, US equity futures have recouped all losses and are back to unchanged on monday morning.

Do Not Break Your iPhone X

To all those quick or lucky enough to get an iPhone X anytime soon, our advice is: do not drop it.

The Widow-Maker's Back - Is It Time To Short JGBs?

"The Japanese Government Bond market was the first truly asinine Central Bank fueled bubble. Macro traders fell over themselves shorting it, hyperbolically venting about the un-sustainability of the Japanese government policy... It was a dark seductive mistress and as some pundits joke, you aren’t a real macro trader until you have lost money shorting JGBs..."