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Gingrich Warns Biggest Risk For Trump Admin Is They "Lose Their Nerve"

"Look, they're going to arrive in Washington, and for them to be successful they have to stake out positions that the left will hate.  I'm worried that when they realize how big the problem is, that they decide that they're just going to do the best they can and give in."

Washington Post Caught Spreading More Fake News About "Russian Hackers"

The Washington Post has been exposed again as nothing more than a liberal propaganda machine after admitting that their own story about the alleged "Russian hacking" of a Vermont utility was a total fraud: "Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid."

Russia Retaliates: Set To Expel 35 US Diplomats After US Sanctions

Russia warned it would respond proportionally to yesterday's unprecedented sanctions and diplomatic expulsions unveiled by the Obama administration, and this morning it did just that when Russia's foreign ministry announced plans to expel 35 U.S. diplomats and ban U.S. diplomatic staff from using two Russian compounds.

Trump Announces Sprint Bringing 5,000 Jobs Back To US, Says UN Might Be "Waste Of Time & Money"

Trump said Sprint Corp and a U.S. satellite company OneWeb will be bringing a total of 8,000 jobs to the United States, celebrating the moves as a result of optimism associated with his election. It was unclear how the 8,000 jobs are related to a $50 billion investment announced recently by Japan's SoftBank, which is associated with both companies. SoftBank's head Masayoshi Son said at the time his investment would create 50,000 jobs.

Trump Names Kellyanne Conway Counselor To The President

President-elect Donald Trump announced on Thursday morning that Kellyanne Conway, his former campaign manager who stepped in halfway through the presidential campaign to boost Trump's victory chances, will serve as counselor to the president when he takes office denying speculation that Conway would have no role in the incoming administration.

How We Ended Up Here: A Brief History Of "Fake News", And The Role Of FaceBook

"FaceBook acts as a sovereign power unto itself. It outsources censorship to sites like Politifact, a site with clear policy biases. Hoping that if it does this outsourcing, people won't notice FB's total control over our free speech commons via The Algorithm. But fundamentally, such control is not consistent with a democracy, with a free press, or with freedom of association."

The Ultimate "Fake News" List

By circulating this article and this fake news list, we are not calling for these outlets to be censored, we are simply drawing attention to the fact that the very same entities who cry “fake news” are the primary sources for the most damaging, harmful and woefully inaccurate fake news stories in the history of modern journalism.

Crisis Averted: China Calls Taiwan Phone Call A "Gimmick" As It Lodges Diplomatic Protest

Overnight, China foreign minister Wang Yi called Tsai's call with Trump "a little trick", or loosely translated in English as "gimmick", by Taiwan which would not change the one-China consensus in international community. He added that the "One-China" policy is the foundation for the healthy development of China’s relationship with the U.S.