9 Of The World's 10 Least-Peaceful Nations Were All Targeted By US Intervention

Although the situation has improved in many countries, the ten lowest-ranking nations – known as the world’s “least peaceful” countries – have shown little change in recent years. However, nine of those ten countries share one commonality in the violence that they’ve experienced: U.S.-led destabilization efforts and regime change operations...

Mapping Where Where U.S. Troops Are Based In The Middle East

On Monday, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Yemen, Libya's eastern-based government and the Maldives cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, creating a new crisis in the Arab world. U.S. President Donald Trump quickly waded into the row, lambasting Qatar in a series of tweets.  However, despite Trump's tweets and his accusations against Qatar, the country actually plays host to the largest U.S. base in the Middle East.

NSA Leaker Reality Winner "Wanted To Burn Down The White House"

On Thursday afternoon, Reality Winner was indicted by a federal grand jury on a single count. She entered a not-guilty plea before the judge denied bond. Based on evidence seized from her home, federal prosecutors detailed Winner's alleged plans "to burn down the White House" and travel to Afghanistan, pledging her allegiance to the Taliban.

Is Afghanistan A Lost Cause?

Message to America: After investing hundreds of billions and 2,000 U.S. lives in the 15 years since 9/11, we are further from victory than we have ever been. Stated starkly, the war in Afghanistan is slowly being lost.