Trump - Blumenthal Twitter War Goes Nuclear As Trump Fires Back

Trump drew first blood this morning in what appears to be a growing twitter feud with Connecticut's Richard Blumenthal when he called the Senator a "phony Vietnam con artist." Within an hour, Blumenthal launched a counter strike calling Trump a "bully."  It has all the makings of a heated 1st grade-ish Battle Royale....and Trump has just gone nuclear.

Is Trump Winning?

"Mainstream analysis has been wrong for so long, why start believing it now?..."

Escaping The Madhouse

"The network news in the US is not only crying wolf, but using a bullhorn to do it... The US has more 24-hour news programmes than any other nation, and many of them spend over 90% of their time warning of the dangers of Russia and other 'enemies'..."

McMaster And Mattis Have Twelve Months To Succeed In Afghanistan

"There is no Afghanistan 'policy vacuum', General McMaster has simply forgotten that it is his job to get in sync with the President, not the other way around. His thinking is emblematic of the military’s approach to sunk costs – the dead and wounded soldiers – as opposed to a businessman’'s..."

Pakistan Plunges Into Political Turmoil After Prime Minister Ousted For Corruption

Pakistan plunged into political turmoil when its Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resigned shortly after the Supreme Court ousted him from office on Friday following an investigation into allegations of corruption centering on undeclared offshore assets.  The court disqualified Sharif for not being “honest”, a requirement for lawmakers under Pakistan’s constitution, something the US sorely needs to amend as well.

Paul Craig Roberts Sees "A Ray Of Light" From Europe

"Accustomed to having its way with Europe, Washington commits Europe without even consulting the vassal governments... Now it seems Washington’s extraordinary arrogance and hubris has resulted in overreach."

The Military Industrial Complex Is Undermining US National Security

"The ongoing problems with the F-35 and other military programs, stemming from virtually unlimited budgets, underline the inefficiency of the American military-industrial complex...This will certainly bare consequences for Washington’s present and future strategy of power projection."