Fool's Errand: NATO Pledges Four More Years Of War In Afghanistan

The longest war in US history just got even longer. As NATO wrapped up its 2016 Warsaw Summit, the organization agreed to continue funding Afghan security forces through the year 2020. Of course, with all that funding comes US and NATO troops, and thousands of contractors, trainers, and more.

The Unlikely Story That A Panty Theft Sparked The Dallas Shooter's Downfall

Exactly how Micah Johnson came to be the man who murdered five police officers in Dallas remains unsolved. Johnson, a mid-twenties man (much like Bin Laden's son), apparently had taken his love for the ladies a little too far when he was serving in the Army Reserves. The killer who "stated that he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers", as we posted, had an apparent fetish for women's panties.

ISIS Releases Footage Of Russian Helicopter Shot Down Over Syria; Two Pilots Killed

Eight months after a Russian fighter jet was downed over Syria by Turkish forces alleging the Su-24 had crossed into the country's air territory on November 24, Russia suffered another major casualty in its ongoing air campaign against the Islamic State when on Friday ISIS millitants shot down a military Mi-25 helicopter near Palmyra in Syria, killing two Russian pilots on board, Interfax news agency said, quoting Russia's defense ministry.

From Cops To Clinton: Impunity Corrupts

On Wednesday, two shocking videos of police officers fatally shooting civilians surfaced. The day before, many were appalled to hear the Director of the FBI announce that Hillary Clinton would not be charged for mishandling classified information. The two events may seem unrelated, but at bottom, they concern the same fundamental problem: impunity.

Dallas Shooter, Army Vet Micah Johnson, "Wanted To Kill White People"

According to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, who said that during the exchange of gunfire with the suspect, he made the following announcement: "The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter," said Brown, who is black. "He said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated that he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers."

The Blowback Begins: Marine Demands Same Treatment As Hillary

The FBI's decision to recommend that no charges be brought against Hillary Clinton has been labeled a double standard of epic proportions, and now the decision will trigger further unintended consequences. A Marine Corps officer who has been locked in a legal battle with his service after self-reporting that he improperly disseminated classified information now intends to demand the same treatment that Hillary received.

President Obama Explains His 'Strategy' In Afghanistan - Live Feed

While details are sparse, AP reports that President Obama will announce today his plans to increase to around 8,400 the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan when he leaves office. The numbers reflect a compromise between Obama's original plan and what many military commanders had recommended. Obama had planned to drop troop levels from 9,800 to 5,500 troops by the end of 2016. But Taliban resurgence has forced Washington to rethink its exit strategy. We are sure Killary will follow his lead...

In Damning Report, Chilcot Inquiry Slams Blair Over Legal Basis For Iraq War

The Chilcot Inquiry, a British public inquiry into the nation's role in the Iraq war, was published moments ago. One of the key focus areas of the report is the rationale that Tony Blair gave to the public in taking the UK to war, and whether or not the war was necessary. Upon its release, the report concluded that military action "was not a last resort", and that Britain chose to join the invasion of Iraq in 2003 before peaceful options for disarmament had been exhausted RT reports.

Peak FBI Corruption? Meet Bryan Nishimura, Found Guilty For "Removal And Retention Of Classified Materials"

"Nishimura caused the materials to be downloaded and stored on his personal, unclassified electronic devices and storage media. He carried such classified materials on his unauthorized media when he traveled off-base in Afghanistan and, ultimately, carried those materials back to the United States at the end of his deployment. The investigation did not reveal evidence that Nishimura intended to distribute classified information to unauthorized personnel." 

Not 'The Onion' - Why Elections Are Bad For Democracy

"Elections are the fossil fuel of politics. Whereas once they gave democracy a huge boost, much as oil did for our economies, it now turns out they cause colossal problems of their own. If we don’t urgently reconsider the nature of our democratic fuel, a systemic crisis awaits. If we obstinately hold on to a notion of democracy that reduces its meaning to voting in elections and referendums, at a time of economic malaise, we will undermine the democratic process."

After Brexit, A Trump Path To Victory

The English wish to remain who they are, and they do not want their country to become, in Theodore Roosevelt’s phrase, “a polyglot boarding house” for the world. From patriots of all nations, congratulations are in order. It will all begin to unravel now, over there, and soon over here.