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    10/03/2015 - 09:57
    The poor jobs report weighed on the dollar, but the greenback recovered as the session progressed.  It is not clear the jobs report was a game changer.  Stay tuned.  

After Hours

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EURCHF Crashing After Hours On Italian Bank Run Concerns

Less than an hour ago, Larry Kudlow tweeted the following: "Sources tell me Italy has to restructure bonds.Deposit run on Italian banks.EU will have to mount Tarp rescue.Big stress on interbank loans." Basically, this is the worst possible combination for Europe which means that another bailout is not only imminent but has to happen tomorrow. Incidentally Reuters is reporting of an emergency meeting between Sarkozy and Merkel and Zapatero on "the markets" which can only mean damage control following today's disastrous Trichet performance. Too bad the markets won't buy it any longer absent some actual actions to back up the deeds. Yet what we are more concerned about is whether or not there really is a bank run in Italy which would be the end of the euro. For that we went to the most trustworthy indicator for European "bankrunness" the EURCHF. To our surprise, the pair just plunged nearly 100 pips after hours, after dropping over 200 pips from intraday highs following yesterday's SNB intervention. Will this force the SNB to intervene again? Find out shortly. AS to what Sarkozy has up his sleeve, we will just have to wait and see when the European markets open in about 10 hours.

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Market Breaks: After Hours Edition As NYSE Says It Is Investigating Pervasive Broken Trades

DJ NYSE Reviewing Possible Bad After-Hours Trades In Many Stocks

PM Eastern Daylight Time May 02, 2011 (MORE TO FOLLOW) Dow Jones Newswires

Were they known as, sales? And in other news, Gold just plunged by $30 for no reason whatsoever. Flash crashes for everyone!

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IWM After Hours Flash Smash

One wonders just what algo told the IWM to not only lift every offer but to do so for a whopping 10% higher than the overall market. Because if you like this market about 50% overpriced, you will love it at 60%. Or was this just Brian Sack telegraphing what the endgoal for the Russell 2000 is before QE2 ends? In other news does anyone even recall what a capital market is like without at least one Chinese fraud being exposed, or at least one synthetic CDO, read ETF, doing some Circque De Soleil acrobatics? We can't wait to hear what the exchanges will use as an excuse for this inverse flash crash.

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IBM Jumps 2% After Hours After Earnings Beat, Guidance Hike, Despite Margin Miss

  • Diluted EPS:
    • GAAP: $2.31, up 17 percent;
    • Operating (non-GAAP): $2.41, up 21 percent; Consensus of $2.30
  • Revenue: $24.6 billion, up 8 percent, up 5 percent adjusting for
    currency; Consensus of $24.0 billion
  • Gross profit margin:
    • GAAP: 44.1 percent, up 0.5 points; Below consensus of 44.6%
    • Operating (non-GAAP): 44.5 percent, up 0.8 points;
  • Cloud revenue 5 times first-quarter 2010 revenue;
  • Full-year 2011 Operating (non-GAAP) EPS expectations raised to at
    least $13.15 from at least $13.00.
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Research in Motion Drops 10% After Hours, Precisely As We Warned Two Months Ago – MARGIN COMPRESSION!!!

I warned, in detail, that Research in Motion was a strong short due to waning market share and margin compression in January. RIM warns of the EXACT SAME risks as it lowers guidance earlier today. For all of those optimists in the stock, this is just the beginning - for RIM and its competitors as well. Mobile computing will soon be a commodity business like desktop computers.

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Has The Chairman Stopped Ordering Ink? Hewlett Packard Plummets After Hours On Major Downward Guidance Revision

Looking at the price of HPQ after hours, one would think that the company was a biotech which just missed its Phase 3 trial. The rapidity with which it has lost $10 billion in market cap does not leave many other options... Of course, there is always the chance that Ben Bernanke may have just said no to future purchases of green ink, although we deem it highly unlikely. The real reason for the plunge in the stock was the company's earnings, which confirm that the new paradigm of economic growth, may be just slightly problematic. While the company missed on revenue, coming in at $32.3 Bn on expectations of $32.97 Bn, it is the forecast that left many stunned: HPQ now sees Q2 adjusted EPS $1.19-1.21 vs. Exp. $1.26, and full year revenue of $130-131.5bln vs. $132-133.5bln previously, and consensus of USD 133.1bln. So now in addition to plunging margins (Cisco) we are finally starting to see headline growth... And all the sellsiders continue to hike the 2011 EPS on what again?

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Fedex Plunges After Hours, Retraces, After Management Blames Guidance Cut On Snow, Margins

Fedex plunged after hours only to retrace almost all of the drop, after investors were assuaged that the reason for the company's guidance cut was snow (in December, yes unbelievable), and plunging margins (this is one-time: just recall Goldman's most recent lies on the topic). In other words, while QE3, 4 and 5 is now the norm (i.e., perfectly recurring), such things as snow, and plunging profits, are transient. After all, it is only a matter of time before the Vissarionovich Jr. finds a way to subsidize his pet Russell 2000.

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Google Beats Earnings As Eric Schmidt Hands Over CEO Spot To Larry Page, Stock Goes Berserk In After Hours Trading

Google trading in afterhours is like a ritalin-fueled, amphetamine-infused roller coaster ride. After opening $25 higher, the stock subsequently turned red. And while results were great, the executive shake up which sees Eric Schmidt becoming Chairman and Larry Page CEO is spooking the stock. Perhaps that explains why GOOG has been one of the biggest insider sellers in past months...

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Alcoa Earnings Beat Consensus By $0.02, Revenues Miss Expectations By $100 Million, Stock Opens Down 1% After Hours

  • EPS reports adjusted $0.21 on expectation of $0.19
  • Revenues of $5.65 billion miss expectations of $5.75 billion.
  • Sees global aluminium growth rate 12% for 2011
  • Sees global aluminium demand doubling by 2020
  • Q4 Adjusted EBITDA of $782 million, 13.8% margin
  • Q4 CapEx: $365 million
  • Cash on hand of USD 1.5bln at quarter end
  • Improved earnings were driven by higher pricing and continued strengthening in most markets and improved productivity
  • Quarterly results were offset somewhat by a weaker USD and higher energy and raw material costs
  • CEO says expects Chinese demand to slow.
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Presenting The Reason For The Thanksgiving After Hours Melt Down: Another Electronic "Glitch"

As readers will recall, just after the abbreviated Thanksgiving session, there were some pretty dramatic afterhours fireworks, both in stocks, and in a variety of volatility indices, that of gold (^GVZ)most notably. As the charts below capture, the drop in the futures had offset basically the entire day's upside in the span of milliseconds, leaving many wondering just what had caused this. Luckily, courtesy of the Tabb Group's Paul Rowady we now know that this was yet another glitch borne out of the hyper-technological sophistication of the current marketplace, in which the smallest error can and will propagate through the system uncontrolled resulting in major losses for those who are aligned on the same side as the ponzi. In other words: it was yet another flash crash which luckily did not have a major impact as virtually no volume was being transacted in the market. All this merely means that Ben Bernanke, who is doing everything in his power to boost asset values, has increasingly more variables working against him as the system continues being pushed ever further away from its natural equilibrium, until one day it all just burns down.

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Surge Of Inexplicable After Hours Selling Takes Gold Volatility Index To All Time Low

In addition to the rout in the ES, VIX and GC which we pointed out earlier, there were some additional fireworks behind the scenes in today's after hours session. The CBOE Gold Volatility Index, the ^GVZ plunged by the most in over a year, as the index hit an all time low of 15.92 without the underlying making much of a notable move. The most curious aspect of the trade was that the entire dump occured in the AH session. Many were left scratching their heads over what caused this monstrous unwind in long vol positions: was this the unwind of a massive long ES/short GC arb? We don't know, although if rumors that a major fund is planning to stand for delivery of Dec gold turn out to be true, then obviously someone got confirmation today. Keep a close eye out on the GVZ. Should this price level persist on Monday, then the front futures contract will likely surge.

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Last Minute After Hours Dump Leaves Investors On Edge Ahead Of "Dual POMO Bail Out Monday"

Earlier we pointed out that today was trending to be one of the lowest volume days in history. A volume surge accompanying a panic dump into the close managed to pull the daily volume just barely higher than last Xmas eve (though still about 60% of last Black Friday). What is more relevant is that just after the market closed, the bottom fell out. ES closed at the lows of the day (contrary to amusing flashing and epilepsy-inducing CNBC "breaking news" propaganda stating just how much better compared to the day's low the S&P was trading at EOD) as the entire world woke up just after 1 pm realizing that Monday has that very deja vu-ish September 15, 2008 aftertaste. Not surprisingly, VIX exploded to the week's highs, well past the Korean war threats, and a 14% move in one day. And, yes, that old backstop gold, pulled a VIX. What is most relevant, is that something big is happening just behind the scenes: ZB volume explodes to 608K, while the CME Ultra Treasury volume of 349K surpasses the prior record of 237k. Monday may just be a very interesting day as faith in the bailout machinery no longer works, and the Fed's two POMOs will mark the point where Brian Sack officially jumps the shark.

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After Hours Earnings Summary: Amazon, American Express And Sandisk

All three companies beat, yet Amazon not liking the news (down 4% AH), and now AXP going red. Of course, this being one of the most roboticized stocks, looks for the HFT crew to throw in some extra volumechurn in exchange for capital losses offset by liquidity rebates to bring the price back.

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BoomBustBlog Research Hits Another One Out the Park! Google up nearly 10% after hours, true blowout earnings unlike JPM

Google's earnings surprised everyone except BoomBustBlog readers and subscribers - and this is most likely just the beginning.

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Green Mountain Roasted: 8-K Footnote Sends Stock Down 15% After Hours

For all those engaged in a repeat of the world's most ridiculous dash for trash, what just happened to GMCR may be a stark reminder that easy come may just as well mean easy go. The stock, which earlier closed at a fresh all time high, has plunged in the AH session after deep in the bowels of an 8-K just released, the firm disclosed the following stunner:

On September 20, 2010, the staff of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement informed the Company that it was conducting an inquiry and made a request for a voluntary production of documents and information. Based on the request, the Company believes the focus of the inquiry concerns certain revenue recognition practices and the Company’s relationship with one of its fulfillment vendors. The Company, at the direction of the audit committee of the Company’s board of directors, is cooperating fully with the SEC staff’s inquiry.

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