Albert Edwards

SocGen Thinks Emerging Markets Are Breaking Down: Here's Why

As SocGen notes on Monday, much of the recent EM weakness has stemmed from a sell-off in companies with the poorest balance sheets. These typically lower quality stocks had been performing strongly for most of this year, having at one stage been up by 30%, ytd but have now fallen 8% in a month.

Jail, Drugs And Video Games: Why Millennial Men Are Disappearing From The Labor Force

Prime-working age men - particularly Millennials - have failed to return to the labor force while women have reentered. While this partially reflects a growing skill mismatch, a far more troubling explanation includes greater drug abuse, rising incarceration rates and more men "dedicating" themselves to playing video games. BofA explains...

Is Kevin Warsh The Ultimate Chicken-Hawk? (And Why Gold $1275 Will Hold)

"The current front-runner for the next Fed Chair is Kevin Warsh, who seems to have all the prerequisites that Trump idolizes. He’s connected. He’s not an academic. He has conservative leanings. But most important, he’s rich. I mean really rich. You see, Kevin married the granddaughter of the founder of the Estee Lauder company..."

Albert Edwards "Fed Is A Slave To The S&P 500": Would Kevin Warsh Change That?

"Rather than admitting they are wrong, this groupthink of academics led by Larry Summers - who failed to predict the current economic malaise - have constructed this theory to explain why ever more stimulus is required... In particular, Warsh warned that the Fed had become the slave of the S&P."