Anastasia Kelly

AIG Timeline Of Events

For all who want to get up to speed on next week's political theater involving AIG, Tim Geithner, Goldman Sachs' Stephen Friedman, Goldman Sachs' Bill Dudley, Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein, and the endless taxpayer bailouts, here is a terrific timeline for everything relevant to the AIG soap opera. Courtesy of Bloomberg.

AIG Has Become A Figurehead Of All That Is Broken In America

The latest observation on our depressing economic reality, behind the glitzy headlines and the 3D TV screens, comes from Bloomberg's Jonathan Weil who rightfully asks "if AIG executives repeatedly claimed the stock was worthless, how do the executives, auditors, regulators, and, ultimately, the government, still have the balls to indicate the company's stock has any intrinsic value, both its publicly traded version and its book equity." Weil also joins the long list of people who wonder, just what the hell is the SEC's function in this day and age, when publicly-traded companies, many of them government backstopped, can disclose anything and everything they desire, even when such disclosure is flawed and purposefully misleading (see Bank of America and the earlier piece on a lying Tim Geithner and the very same AIG) with absolutely no repercussions. It is all really getting just far too depressing for US taxpayers to even be indignant. Maybe that has been the point all along...

AIG General Counsel Who Protested Meager $500K To Have Her Bluff Called, Get Sacked

It appears the only thing worse in this world than a measly $500,000 salary is getting no salary at all. And that's exactly what is about to happen to AIG General Counsel, Anastasia Kelly, who before joining the bankrupt firm, was a GC at such reputable organizations as MCI/WorldCon (sic) and Fannie Mae. To paraphrase the objections against a very prominent Treasury Secretary recently, the question is not whether or not she will leave the job, the question is how she got it in the first place. Kelly, who recently was protesting the $500k salary cap imposed by Pay Despot Ken Feinberg, yet was in Benmosche's black book, will likely be out of the organization, presumably involuntarily, by year end. We are confident that with the economy rocking she will be able to find a job that pays her much more in line with her true skills... which based on her track record hopefully involves more than leading three sequential companies straight into bankruptcy.