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Andrew Cuomo

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Andrew Cuomo To File Fraud Charges Against Ernst & Young For Lehman Repo 105 Involvement

It was only a matter of time: back in March, following revelations of the Lehman Repo 105 scam, we speculated that the days of Ernst & Young are numbered. Back then we said "we are confident that (again, with the assumption that we live in some
semblance of a sane/ration world), E&Y's Financial Services Office
is done...
and quite possibly the entire firm. Integrity is the number one
currency for an auditor, and just like Anderson, E&Y's just went out
in a puff of green-colored smoke." Today we learn that Andrew Cuomo is about to make E&Y's life a whole lot more difficult. Per the WSJ "State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is close to filing the case, which
would mark the first time a major accounting firm was targeted for its
role in the financial crisis." Too bad - E&Y was surely hoping that just like everything else in this corrupt country, out of sight would mean out of mind, and soon everyone would forget about the firm's involvement in the biggest bankruptcy in history. Better luck next time...

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Full Suit By Andrew Cuomo Against Ken Lewis And Joe Price

In short, in the process of acquiring Merrill, the Bank’s management misled its shareholders, the public, its board and its lawyers by concealing Merrill’s disastrous fourth quarter financial results in order to secure the shareholders’ uninformed approval of the deal. The Bank’s management then salvaged this potentially crippling situation by extracting billions in taxpayer bailouts by misleading the federal government. They did this, in part, by threatening federal officials that they would terminate the Merger Agreement based on a material adverse change—virtually the same material change they failed to disclosed to their shareholders prior to the vote. This action seeks redress under New York’s Martin Act for this conduct. - Andrew Cuomo

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Andrew Cuomo To File Civil Securities Fraud Charges Against Ken Lewis and BofA CFO Joe Price Even As The SEC Proves Its Incompetence Yet Again

NY AG Andrew Cuomo just announced he would file civil securities fraud charges against BofA ex-CEO Ken Lewis and CFO Joe Price under New York's Martin Act. This blow to Ken Lewis follows hot on the heels of yet another attempt by the ever pathetic and worthless SEC to cover up the whole Merrill mess, this time by proposing yet another settlement with BofA, however instead $30 million this time taxpayers will pay BofA investors $150 million. The fact that there is no change in the SEC's M.O. from before, but merely an increase in the "booty", is sure to anger Judge Rakoff even more. The need for a referendum over the fitness of Mary Schapiro to serve her job as head of the SEC in light of these two diametrically opposing actions is now greater than ever.

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Andrew Cuomo Subpoenas Five Bank Of America Directors

In a developing story reported by the AP, Cuomo has allegedly subpoenaed five relevant Bank Of America directors who had presumably been briefed on actions taken by the bank in its Merrill merger prior to the public disclosure, and is seeking their sworn testimony.

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Andrew Cuomo's Most Recent Letter To Bank Of America

As set forth above, we cannot simply accept Bank of America's officers' bald assertions that their decisions to keep each of these material events from Bank of America's shareholders were based on a full review of all the relevant information by their inside and outside counsel. The law is clear that Bank of America and its officers cannot assert an advice of counsel defense for their decisions, and at the same time persist in refusing to disclose the substance of the conversations with counsel. Accordingly, we request that Bank of America reconsider its decision to prevent this Office from adequately probing these crucial issues. We provide you with this final opportunity to reconsider. Otherwise, we will proceed with our charging decisions without giving credit to the advice of counsel defenses that Bank of America has not permitted us to test.

- From The Office Of NY Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo

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Bank Of America's Retort To Andrew Cuomo

Some serious fireworks go off as Clearly Gottlieb clutches at straws to make Lewis, from merely Patron Saint of Taxpayer Funded, No MAC Clause Invoking Acquisitions of Bankrupt Companies, into Saint Ken, Martyr of The Dispossed Investor.

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Andrew Cuomo Has Had Enough With Bank Of America's Cowardice, Plans On Filing Charges

"We are at this stage in our investigation in which we are making charging decisions with respect to Bank of America and its executives."

How poetic would it be if Madoff and Ken share a jailcell?

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