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Freddie Mac, Bank Of America Launch Another 3% Down Mortgage Program

In what looks like a spiteful move designed to undercut the FHA, Bank of America has partnered with Freddie Mac on a new mortgage scheme that will allow borrowers to make down payments as low as 3%. Because that's just what taxpayers need. Fannie and Freddie making more bad loans. 

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Why Bonds Aren't Buying This Bounce, And Why Guggenheim Expects The 10-Year Yield To Drop Below 1%

"Essentially, the rates market is stuck between pricing in more Fed easing or more China worries."

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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The OPEX game is back in full swing and brought back hope amongst signs of bullish capitulation everywhere.... but there is plenty of bad (and even ugly) to consider.

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Bank of America: "Corporate Balance Sheets Are The Most Unhealthy They Have Ever Been"

" a world where corporate balance sheets are arguably the most unhealthy they have ever been (all-time high leverage in HG and HY) where companies have relied on cheap debt to fund a growth through acquisition strategy, what happens if funding is either unavailable or too expensive to make a growth through acquisition strategy make sense? Same goes for buybacks and special dividends?"

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China Stops Reporting Key Data Showing Size Of Its Capital Outflows

It appears that China has finally figured out this loophole to track the PBOC's attempts at masking the sheer size of its outflows, because as SCMP reported overnight, "sensitive data is missing from a regular central bank report in China" ... Financial analysts say the sudden lack of clear information makes it difficult for markets to assess the scale of capital flows out of China.

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BofA Asks: Is This The Chinese Shadow Bank Failure That Will This Trigger The Chain Reaction

"In a scenario in which investors are not bailed out and thus become more cautious, eg, rolling over some of the debt instruments in the shadow banking sector, some borrowers may struggle to obtain credit, for example, developers and coal miners. Whether this scenario would trigger a chain reaction is a key risk that needs to be monitored."

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Biggest Short Squeeze In 7 Years Continues After Bullard Hints At More QE, OECD Cuts Global Forecasts

Just when traders thought that the biggest and most violent 3-day short squeeze in 7 years was about to end a squeeze that has resulted in 3 consecutve 1%+ sessions for the S&P for the first time since October 2011, overnight we got one of the Fed's biggest faux-hakws, St. Louis Fed's Jim Bullard, who said that it would be "unwise" to continue hiking rates at this moment, and hinted that "if needed", the most natural option for the Fed going forward would be to do further Q.E.

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Larry Summers Launches The War On Paper Money: "It's Time To Kill The $100 Bill"

"...a moratorium on printing new high denomination notes would make the world a better place."

- Larry Summers, Harvard Professor

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Investors Are Sitting On The Most Cash Since 2001, Least Overweight Stocks Since 2012

It is ironic how when central bankers take away the training wheels, nobody has any clue anymore how to trade this "market"

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The Mystery of the One Bank: its Owners?

As the One Bank strips humanity bare of all its wealth, these Owners make it harder and harder for themselves to continue to hide.

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The War On Paper Currency Begins: ECB Votes To "Scrap" 500 Euro Bill

Not a bad way to launch a global ban on paper currency ahead of a global NIRP regime, and all, of course, in the name of fighting "tax evasion, financial crime, terrorism and corruption."

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Hong Kong Real Estate Price Plunges 70% In Latest Government Land Sale

One place that provides some glimpse into true price discovery was the just completed government tender, in which a parcel of land sold by the government in the New Territories went for nearly 70% less per square foot than a similar transaction in September.

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