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Barney Frank

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Grayson Post-Mortem On Last Night's Historic Fed Transparency Victory And The Revelation Of Barney Frank's Hypocrisy

After the historic defeat of Fed anti-transparency amendments, and the most recent disclosure that despite all his posturing Barney Frank is, as expected, deep in the pockets of the Wall Street and Fed kleptocracy, here are some post-mortem observations from Grayson, Spitzer and Ratigan.

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Barney Frank's Bad Loans

Barney Frank's possible role in the mortgage meltdown . . .

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Chris Dodd Joins Barney Frank In Requesting List Of Banks The Fed Has Lent To

In a May interview with Jane Hamsher and Marcy Wheeler of Firedoglake, The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, Chris Dodd notes that information about who the bank recipients of Fed loans is "concerning", and that he would make such a request of the Federal Reserve. "I'll ask" is his summation of the questioning about why nobody besides the Fed is allowed to know where taxpayer capital goes to.

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Barney Frank Says The House Will Pass HR 1207 In October

Dear bankers of The Clearinghouse Association: it may be time to send in a few more ultimatums.

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Barney Frank On Bernanke: It's Raining Dollars

"[Bernanke] has acted to provide needed liquidity to the economy and has demonstrated that he is fully ready to reverse course when economic conditions dictate. President Obama’s decision to reappoint him now is one more example of his providing leadership the country, and the world, needs as well as addressing the economic situation he inherited. By nominating Chairman Bernanke he is giving an example of the right kind of bipartisanship." - Barney Frank

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Judicial Watch Files FOIA Lawsuit Against US Treasury, Did Barney Frank Overstep His Authority?

Our activist friends over at Judicial Watch are just getting started. Recently, they filed a lawsuit against the US Treasury to "obtain records related to evaluation procedures used by the government to determine which financial institutions received funds from TARP. The focus of the inquiry is a potentially iniquitous $12 million cash injection provided to Boston-based OneUnited Bank, at the urging of Barney Frank.

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Barney Frank Recommends Only Dealers Trade CDS

The Committee on Agriculture set to nuke CDS trading, compliments of GE reincarnator Barney Frank

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Obama Does Not Need Congress To Fund IMF and WB, Barney Frank Shocked, Compares Obama To W.

Barney Frank puts on his indignation hat on after realizing that the President has decided he doesn't need congressional approval on funding international financial institutions including the IMF and the World Bank. Here is the ensuing response when Barney realizes that for all his posturing, he is a third (and quite overinflated at that) wheel: "During the previous administration, all of us were critical of the President’s assertion that he could pick and choose which aspects of congressional statutes he was required to enforce. We were therefore chagrined to see you appear to express a similar attitude." Most odd is why the President wants unopposed decision making with regard to these organizations: is Larry Summers smelling a massive, upcoming global bail out that the American people are not allowed to be heard on?

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Barney Frank Does Not Appreciate Having Words Put In His Mouth

Other things, maybe, but not words. Barney Frank tells CNBC to sit on it, after Mark Haines, who by his own admission "can not remember what happened yesterday," calls him out for his repeated auditioning for the role of Populist Compensation Queen, er, Czar.

Fast Forward to 5:50 in the clip below: Hell hath no fury like a... Barney Frank... scorned.

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Barney Frank Happy That Government Will Determine Executive Compensation

Everyone's favorite populist Robin Hood (in tights) for the common (Wall Street) man, chimes in on Geithner's latest initiative to allow much more governmental (SEC) intervention in pay determination. Also amusing is how Frank throws Geithner under the bus. There seems to be a pretty concerted political push against TTT now: the Summers camp must not be happy. Regardless, Frank is boldly spearheading an initiative for full socialization of exec comp - 5 year plenary sessions to be introduced to discuss the effectiveness of these shortly.

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Paging Barney Frank: AIG Paid 3x More In Bonuses

Let's recall what the magical bonus number was that caused Barney Frank to almost get a lynch mob armed and ready to march on Wall Street: $165 million in retention bonuses.

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Barney Frank Takes Delorian Back To 2002

In yet another piece of revisionist brilliance, the pillar of intellectual fortitude formerly known as Barney Frank has passed legislation that will.... lower credit card interest rates.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this horrific deja vu is truly a massive glitch in the administration's matrix. Let's recap:

1) ZIRP (that's Zero Interest Rate Policy for you lucky souls who do not know this acronym)... yes, not even Greenspan sunk so low
2) Promotion of rampant TALFage, aka securitization

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Barney Frank Declares War On Moody's

This one is looney tunes prime time material. Populist champion for the people, Barney Frank who earlier started war on mark-to-market and republicans, has added a new front to his offensive: Moody's rating agency.

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Barney Frank Declares All Out War On Republicans

Earlier Barney started war on Mark To Market. Now he is expanding to two fronts, crossing the Volga river deep into republican territory. Just want to pointed out that the whole two-front thing did not work out too well for Germany.

For astute readers, the challenge is to spot the 10 occurrences of hypocricy in the Chairman's most recent populist missive.

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Barney Frank Applauds FASB's Murder Of MTM

A letter sent out by the House Committee on Financial Services. Presented without comment.

Frank Statement on FASB Ruling on Mark-to-Market

Washington, DC – House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-MA) today issued the following statement on the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s ruling on mark-to-market accounting:

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