De-FANGed: Five Ways The Disrupters Could Be Disrupted

Left to their own devices, there seems to be no stopping them. The thing is, there’s something that governments value above all else: control. Perhaps the real question is just how close to the deep state (s) are some of these companies already?

Two Americas

"Guns are not the proximate cause of gun violence in the US. Childlike magical thinking and simple 'fixes' to complex problems will not work. But it is comfortable, and self-righteousness feels so good. So I expect it to continue indefinitely."

Evergreen College Punishes 80 Students For Menacing Protests That Shut Down Campus

After standing idly by as radical cultural Marxists forced biology professor Bret Weinstein into hiding, the Evergreen State College administration has decided to penalize 80 students for their involvement with disruptive protests earlier this year that transformed the sleepy state school into a symbol of leftist repression.

'Broken' Market Sparks Buying Panic In Stocks...

It appears the crucial link between HFT algos and the options market just broke as BATS options exchanges have declared self-help again NASDAQ ISE. VIX was spiking as stocks open, but as the market broke, VIX was smashed lower and stocks higher...

...And The Market Breaks

Having melted up on a sea of momentum since the US open, the stock market just broke...

CNN Gets Steamrolled By Their Own Charlottesville Panel: "The Media Is Not Being Honest"

"The Antifa group to me is totally a very Stalin-ish kind of group.  If you’re willing to set fires and burn places to the ground, that doesn’t seem like a very peaceful group to me. The Antifa people didn't show up Friday night, they showed up Saturday.  They came there to do battle.  They showed up with helmets, body armor, clubs... They showed up with ballons filled with urine.  The media is not covering it."

Did Marco Rubio Just Say It's OK To Beat People For Their Thoughts?

"In a truly 'free' society, no one gets beaten up for their political views. Laws cannot be passed against thoughts or symbols. And mob violence is not allowed to rule the day. But Florida Senator Marco Rubio, like most establishment political hacks, is not interested in a free society. He’s interested in seizing power in any way possible."

These Are The Top 50 Hedge Fund Long And Short Positions

In an unexpected turnaround, for once hedge funds aren't sucking (if still underperforming both the S&P and the average mutual fund): for those who believe in piggybacking, here are the Top 50 most popular longs and shorts within the HF community.

When The Grid Goes Down...

"The vehicle comes to a stop, and you try the ignition again. You look at your watch, a Casio G-Shock, to find there is no display. You reach for your cell phone. Nothing. It’s dead. There are perhaps a dozen cars around you…half to your front and half to your rear. All of them have stopped... The book 'One Second After' has just played out in real life."

Risk Off: Global Stocks Slide As "Fire And Fury" Results In "Selling And Fear"

US futures are set for a sharply lower open (at least in recent market terms) following a steep decline in European stocks and a selloff in Asian shares, following yesterday's sharp escalation in the war of words between the U.S. and North Korea. In a broad risk-off move U.S. Treasuries rose, the VIX surged above 12 overnight, while German bund futures climbed to the highest level in six weeks.