Bernie Sanders

Politics Of The Next 4 Years: Part 1 (Rise Of The "Dirtbag Left")

"A lot of people remain in denial about the current political environment. Whether it’s a neocon Never Trumper, or a manic Hillary dead-ender, what these people all have in common is they firmly and passionately think their world is somehow coming back. They still don’t understand that the party’s over."

The High Cost Of "Free" College

Tennessee Promise, and now Tennessee Reconnect, are the first programs of their kind in the United States. Tennessee should be a trail blazer in limiting the disastrous effects of government involvement in higher education. In part because it was misguided by what is nothing more than a technicality in funding, the state is becoming a leader in higher education’s march off a cliff instead.

Mish: "Love It" Smoking Gun Hype Versus Reality

"The Clinton Foundation received actual monetary donations. Trump received useless information from Russians hoping to switch the conversation to something else... All those attacking Trump on highly questionable grounds need to get a grip on reality. The charges against Hillary are not only worse, they are more warranted."

The Center Cannot Hold – Decentralize Or Die (Part 1)

"Today’s release of Trump Jr.’s emails could very well represent a crucial turning point in American history. Not because I think they will lead to Trump’s impeachment, or because they represent some sort of treasonous offense, but because I think from this point forward an increasing number of us will come to the conclusion that America may no longer work as the largely centralized, semi-cohesive unit it has been for our entire lives."