How Uncle Sam Inflates Away Your Life

"Remember, your life-savings is just that.  It represents your life... So, when Uncle Sam confiscates your life-savings via the inflation tax something more is happening...  Not only are you being robbed of your money, you’re being robbed of your life.  Your life’s simply inflated away.  Poof!"

Things Couldn't Be Better... Right?

"Sometimes a single chart reveals the truth being obscured by the Deep State propaganda machine, working overtime selling their economic recovery narrative..."

Where The October Jobs Were: Record Waiters And Bartenders

In October, a record 88,500 waiters and bartenders were added, compensating for the record plunge during the hurriccane-impacted September. This means that waiters and bartenders represented a third of all jobs added in October.

Payrolls Preview: Here Comes The Post-Hurricane Surge

The BLS will release the October Employment Report at 08:30am ET on Friday, November 3.  The Street is looking for a veritable surge in hiring following the hurricane-related disruption last month sent monthly payrolls to the first negative print in 7 years. Analysts also expect wage growth to continue rising: Median forecasts looks for 310k nonfarm payroll jobs, with average hourly earnings rising rise to 2.7% Y/Y

Buffett's Wrong - Why Market Valuations Are Not Justified By Low Interest Rates

"It's such a comforting, even satisfying assumption; the idea that 'lower interest rates justify higher valuations'...   Unfortunately, the convenience of investing-by-slogan is currently leading investors into what is likely to be one of the worst disasters in the history of the U.S. stock market..."

US Job Openings Pull Back From All Time High

After two consecutive months of record high job openings, today's JOLTS report - Janet Yellen's favorite labor market indicator - showed a modest pullback across most categories, with the total number of job openings falling in august from 6.140MM to 6.082MM, below the 6.125MM consensus estimate.

BLS Caught Fabricating Wage Data

After years of speculation that the BLS data may be simply goalseeking its "data" to reach a specific, politically-mandated (or motivated) target, in this case supporting the wage reflation narrative, we finally have proof.

Goldman Raises December Rate Hike Odds To 80%

"... The employment report appears strong on net after taking into account hurricane effects, given the drop in the unemployment rate to a new cycle low and the upward revisions to average hourly earnings. We increased our Fed probabilities, with subjective odds of a December hike at 80% (vs. 75% previously)."