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In "Very Unusual" Move, Avenue Capital's Junk Bond Fund Stops Reporting Asset Levels

A month after we first noted the major redemptions at Avenue Capital Group's credit fund (note this is a different fund from Third Avenue), and just one trading day after CEO Marc Lasry strolled arrogantly on to CNBC and told the public that "I don't think it's a time to panic, I think it's actually a time where you've got opportunities out there," Morningstar reports the Avenue Credit Strategies Fund has failed to report asset levels since about mid-December.

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Potentially Worth Trillions, But Is Aramco A "Good Deal" For Investors?

Saudi Arabia’s deputy crown prince Muhammad bin Salman made headlines this week when he said that the kingdom was considering an IPO of Saudi Aramco, the nation’s state-owned oil company. But there are reasons to doubt that 1) the Saudi government will actually follow through on the plan, 2) even if some shares are listed, operations will change significantly, and 3) that such a move presents a huge opportunity for investors. Sure, Aramco might be worth trillions in theory. But returning cash to shareholders is not and will not be the top priority.

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Gold In 2016: "Economic Power Is Shifting"

An unseen bubble at the heart of the financial system is deflating with unknown consequences. When bubbles deflate, and here we are talking about one in the hundreds of trillions, bad debts are usually exposed. Even though much of the reduction in outstanding OTC derivatives is due to consolidation of positions following the Frank Dodd Act, much of it is not. When free markets reassert themselves, and they always do, the disruption promises to be substantial. We appear to be in the early stages of this event. If so, demand for physical gold can be expected to escalate rapidly as a financial crisis unfolds.


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Saudi Aramco Confirms "World's Most Valuable Company" May Go Public

"Saudi Aramco confirms that it has been studying various options to allow broad public participation in its equity through the listing in the capital markets of an appropriate percentage of the Company’s shares and/or the listing of a bundle its downstream subsidiaries."

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These Are The 10 Companies Most Hated By Wall Street

While the list of "most hated buyside" stocks is at least actionable, not even we are sure what to do with the list of companies that are most hated by the sellside, besides perhaps revealing what it is.  So for all those wondering, here courtesy of Factset, is the list of 10 S&P500 companies with the highest percentage of Sell ratings.

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Introducing Pathogenic Finance: The Autonomous, Antifragile, Trustless Paradigm Shift

Now that IBM, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan and the NYSE all agree blockchain technology will dramatically transform finance and capital markets, how does the investor capitalize on the paradigm shift? First, by understanding the concept of "Pathogenic Finance", autonomy and Zero Trust.

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Nomi Prins' Financial Road Map For 2016: "The Potential For Chaotic Fluctuations Is Greater Than Ever"

We are currently in a transitional phase of geo-political-monetary power struggles, capital flow decisions, and fundamental economic choices. This remains a period of artisanal (central bank fabricated) money, high volatility, low growth, excessive wealth inequality, extreme speculation, and policies that preserve the appearance of big bank liquidity and concentration at the expense of long-term stability. The potential for chaotic fluctuations in any element of the capital markets is greater than ever. The butterfly effect - the flutter of a wing in one part of the planet altering the course of seemingly unrelated events in another part - is on center stage.

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From $500,000 To $170 Million In A Few Months: The Next "Subprime Trade" Emerges

Ever since it started making complicated bets against some leveraged ETFs, Miller’s Catalyst Macro Strategies Funds has since grown from $500,000 in assets at the start of the year to about $170 million. It achieved a more than 50 percent return this year, placing it far ahead of its competitors.

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Mapping China's Hilarious European Stereotypes

For those wondering what comes to mind for the average Chinese web surfer with regard to nations in Europe, we present the following map from Foreign Policy who “plotted the most common Chinese-language Baidu query for each European nation.” Highlights include "likes to fight" for Russia, "why doesn't it annex Portugal" for Spain, and "beautiful women" for Ukraine.

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How The U.S. Dollar Spread Across The World

The U.S. dollar is currently accepted as the world’s reserve currency, but it hasn't always been this way...

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Safe On The Sidelines - 405 Days And Counting

The S&P 500 closed at 2052 on November 18,2014. That was 405 days ago, and despite the rips and dips in the interim the broad market average has gone nowhere.

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More Bad News For Oil: Saudis Are Handling Crude Crash Better Than Expected

Saudi Arabia has released its official budget numbers for 2015 as well as projections for next year. As it turns out, Riyadh is weathering the storm better than analysts expected, meaning the war of attrition with US producers is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, meaning "lower for longer" oil prices and even more shale defaults in the future.

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2015: The Year That Exposed The "Experts" And Left The "Smart-Crowd" Dumbfounded

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. We were all told by the “experts” and the so-called “smart crowd” ad nauseam the economy and markets of 2015 were “ready for lift off.” Proclamations that GDP and other economic metrics were indeed going to be the unquestionable catalyst to help propel not only the markets themselves ever higher, but also, prove all the nay-sayers as well as data-deniers wrong. The problem? It was the exact opposite. 2015 exposed the sole overarching fundamental principle the “experts” refused to calculate into their qualitative analysis. That fundamental? Without the continuing interventionism of the Federal Reserve – there is no market. Period.

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12 Reasons Why One Advisor Is Betting Treasurys, Not Stocks, Is The Investment Of 2016

According to a recent contrarian call by  Prerequisite Capital Management, the "US Treasury Bond Market is potentially set up for a substantial move higher over the next year or two." Here are the reasons why.

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Guns, Gas, & "Selling Kidneys" - 'Off The Grid' Indicators Signal Slowing Economy

Our quarterly survey of “Off the Grid” economic indicators finds that the U.S. economy is still growing, but the pace seems to be slowing from Q3 2015.

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