Carbon Footprint

The Wireless Power Grid: More Than A 100 Years In The Making

"If you can imagine a massive, horrifying beast with some 6 million miles of tentacles that costs up to $33 billion to feed and $5 trillion to replace, then you can imagine the U.S. electricity grid. But it’s a beast that can possibly be vanquished, finally..."

Tesla Cars Aren't As Carbon (And Taxpayer) Friendly As You Think

Tesla cars are subsidized using a business model that is anything but “dollar-neutral”, and they are built and operated using anything but a “carbon-neutral” process. Can you imagine what could happen if the subsidy “plug” was pulled?

Obama Takes Private Jet, 14-Car Convoy To His $3.2MM Climate Change Speech

While we're certain that Obama's motivation to appear in Milan had absolutely nothing to do with the $3.2 million he pocketed, but rather was born out of a pure concern for Mother Earth, we do find his travel arrangements, in light of those genuine environmental concerns, somewhat ironic.

A Tale Of Two Cities... Paris & Washington D.C.

In Washington, President Trump announced that environmental regulations are “out of control” – and promised to get them back under control. In Paris, Mayor Anne Hidalgo has issued a fatwa banning diesel-powered cars built before model year 2001. That’s 32 million cars rendered economically obsolete by legislative edict. A similar thing would no doubt have occurred in Washington had the election gone a different way.

Are Companies Like SolarCity Wasting Taxpayer Money?

Not all forms of energy are equal; electrical energy is more precious, and costs much more than heat or mechanical energy. Companies such as SolarCity are wasting taxpayers’ money by increasing the grid’s entropy, and from a physics point of view, solar thermal makes more sense, and ultimately, it’s only these incentives that make SolarCity an economic reality.