Hong Kong's IPO Mania Goes White Hot, Drives Up Interbank Rates

IPO mania in Hong Kong preceded the Great Financial Crisis and the busts. It's back and hotter than ever. Yesterday's China Literature Ltd. IPO was 625 times oversubscribed, breaking the previous record of 391 times from two months ago...

What Could Go Wrong?

"As the late Joseph Goebbels used to say describing his misinformation technique, if you’re going to lie, make sure it’s a whopper..."

NY Fed President Bill Dudley Retiring

Late on Saturday evening, CNBC's Steve Liesman reported that Fed vice chairman Bill Dudley, a former Goldman managing director and chief economist, not to mention a key figure in "the unprecedented government response to the financial crisis", is expected to announce his retirement as soon as next week. 

Meet The Next Fed Chair: The Definitive Cheat Sheet

With the race for the next Fed chair in its final stretch, the three frontrunners to replace Yellen are Kevin Warsh, Jerome Powell, Gary Cohn. But what are their views? Here, courtesy of BofA is the definitive cheat sheet profiling the next Fed chair, whoever that may be.