Cash For Clunkers

Biggest Beneficiary Of Cash For Clunkers To Cut Capacity By 10%

In a stark example of how it "should" be done, the recently terminated cash for clunkers subsidy for overleveraged US consumer to purchase Japanese cars, has allowed companies such as Toyota, Honda and Hyundai to push forward a significant amount of their sales, while relying less on the back end of their production curve. Indeed, as Detroit News recently reported, of the five majorbeneficiaries of Cash for Clunkers, 4 were Japanese cars, with Toyota representing 19.2% of all cars sold under the program. And now that they got their sales out of the door, they are winding down capacity.

Guest Post: Cash For Clunkers Vs. The Big Three's 0% Financing In October 2001

The June 1 ISM to June 5 NFP high to higher high was +10. The idea was that the Aug 3 ISM to Aug 7 NFP higher high would be roughly +10. If so, it would target 1013. That is precisely what has happened. Notably, the stock market sold off 32 points by the following Monday June 8 before setting a retrace high on Thursday June 11’s retail sales report that were goosed by automaker incentives of $6900 in rebates. Expecting July retail sales to be goosed by similar cash for clunker incentives, we expect the stock market to rally into Thursday’s Aug 13 retail sales report. In short, a rolling top similar to June’s is expected in the first half of August.

Cash For Clunkers Moves To Toxic Financial Stocks

AIG (short interest of 16%) and CIT (13%) are today's latest squeeze puppets. Because non-bankruptcy prospects before both companies are just so hot. Will whoever is pulling all the borrow please fess up already.

Cash For Clunkers

The big story today was how the O-Team decided to unleash another 2 billion for the Cash for Clunkers program after the first round ran out in a matter of days.