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    01/28/2015 - 19:33
    Suppose you could print up counterfeit dollars, euros or yen that were identical to the real things. Fun, you think? Here's how it plays out. 


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Guest Post: Goldman's Abacus CDO (And Other CDOs), AIG, And Global Systemic Risk

"I have been a big critic of the systemic risk posed by excessive leverage, problematic CDOs and the credit derivatives written against them. But I did not specifically criticize Goldman’s deals until it became an issue of public interest when AIG blew up. Goldman may not have to answer to sophisticated investors, but it should answer for its role in the systemic risk posed by AIG’s near collapse, its role in the way in which AIG was bailed out, and the fact that the U.S. taxpayer had to bail out the global financial system along with a number of Goldman’s trading partners." - Janet Tavakoli

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Reminder: CIT Is Most Widely Held Euro CDO Reference Obligor, Held By 1,053 CDOs, 66% Of Total

Who wants to bet how many of these are marked to market?

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Has TPG Credit Uncovered A Loophole To Raid CDO Assets?

Bloomberg highlights an interesting development out of CDO land, where TPG Credit is in the process of attempting to raid quality assets in a TRuPs CDO at the rip off price of 5 cents on the dollar, while bribing the first loss tranche: the CDO equity holders, with a moderate take out fee. If this is a broad loophole in which the equity tranche, which in most cases is out of the money since even the highest-rated slices are trading at 40-50 cents on the dollar in most CDOs, can determine the fate of CDO dispositions, expect many other funds to join TPG in raiding any and all good assets making up comparable CDOs. As there is roughly $650 billion in CDOs outstanding, they have quite an extensive selection to pick and choose from.

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AIG's 10(b) 5 Fraud, And Goldman's CDO Collateral Calls

Recently uncovered critical documents disclosing details about AIG's CDO portfolio and collateral calls, indicate that during a December 5th conference call with Investors, Joe Cassano, famous for singlehandedly destroying capitalism and forcing most financial companies to be subsidized by US taxpayers in perpetuity, as well as then CEO Martin Sullivan, effectively commited 10(b) 5 fraud by misrepresenting material company conditions.

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