Central Banks

It's Not Just China, "The Whole Damn System Is Untenable"

China is untenable in its current financial position. That is the primary problem, and so long as it remains so whatever the PBOC does will have but a fleeting impact. In more immediate terms, that is being recognized by the “dollar” run which continues to savage not just China but South America (more than just Brazil), Africa, Asia (more than China) and you might even argue Canada and Mexico. From that, we see that it isn’t China that is the problem with the “dollar”, it is the whole damn system.

The Demise Of Dollar Hegemony: Russia Breaks Wall St's Oil-Price Monopoly

Russia has just taken significant steps that will break the present Wall Street oil price monopoly, at least for a huge part of the world oil market. The move is part of a longer-term strategy of decoupling Russia’s economy and especially its very significant export of oil, from the US dollar, today the Achilles Heel of the Russian economy.

Guest Post: 2016 - Year Of The 'Epocalypse'

As the towering forces that are prevailing against failing global economic architecture and the pit of debt beneath that structure, as laid out below, it is clear that the 'Epocalypse' - encompassing the roots "economic, epoch, collapse" and "apocalypse" - is here, and it is everywhere. The Great Collapse has already begun. What follows are the megatrends that will increasingly gang up in the first part of 2016 to stomp the deeply flawed global economy down into its own hole of debt.

Some Chinese Banks Run Out Of Physical Dollars As PBOC Holds Yuan Fix Flat For 4th Day

Having apparently taken the day off from selling US Treasuries and buying Offshore Yuan (following yesterday's "murderous" short-squeeze"), completing a 40 handle round trip in the "stable" currency year-to-date, PBOC decided to hold Yuan flat for the 4th day but make a statement that they would "give policy support to exports" - in other words devalue more. The unintended consequence of their decision to withdraw liquidity and crush shorts in offshore Yuan is more problematic as it has reportedly left Chinese banks short of dollars at their ATMs (and are delaying withdrawals). Meanwhile, another of China's favorite outlets for capital outflows - Bitcoin - just got stomped.

The Chinese Central Bank Just Pulled A Martin Shkreli

Recall how the worthless KaloBios stock soared from almost nothing first to $10, then to $20 before finally peaking in the mid-$40s: the reason for that is that Martin Shrekli, since arrested, proceeded to buy  ever more of the KBIO float, making shorting first prohibitively expensive, and ultimately, impossible when he owned virtually all of the float. The PBOC did just that overnight...

Nigerian Currency Collapses After Central Bank Halts Dollar Sales To Stall "Hyperinflation Monster"

Having told banks and investors "don't panic" in September, amid spiking interbank lending rates and surging default/devaluation risks, it appears the massive shortage of dollars that we warned about in December has washed tsunami-like ashore in oil-producing Nigeria. Following the Central bank's decision this week to halt dollar sales to non-bank FX market operators, black market exchange rates spiked to 282/USD (vs 199 official) and CDS spiked to record highs implying drastic devaluations loom.

US Equities Tumble As PBOC "Stamps Out" Short Yuan Speculators With "Murderous" Liquidity Squeeze

A jump in the overnight cost for borrowing yuan in Hong Kong is "reflecting further PBOC efforts to stamp out speculation," according to Michael Every, head of financial markets research at Rabobank Group. Hong Kong-based Every told Bloomberg in an interview, following a massive spike in overnight borrowing rates for Offshore Yuan that "a 66% rate is murderous for others being swept up in this who are not speculating." PBOC advisor Han earlier warned that short selling the yuan "will not succeed," adding that "it is pure imagination that the Chinese yuan will act like a wild horse without any rein." But as Every notes, the unintended consequences could be a problem, "imagine you needed access to CNH for other purposes for a few days," concluding ominously that "in other EM crises we see that central banks usually win a round like this, but lose in the end."

Rand Paul Rages "The Fed Is Crippling America"

The Fed is, indeed, a political, oligarchic force, and a key part of what looks and functions like a banking cartel. During the 2007-08 financial crisis, the Fed’s true nature was clear to anyone paying attention. We can’t really know what we don’t know until we look. We owe it to the “swindled futurity” of the next generation to take a long, hard look through a full and independent audit of the Fed.

Jim Cramer Is Too Busy To Think

Jim Cramer is so imbricated within the strictures of CNBC, so enamored of his guests, so genuflective and collegial that he has no critical distance to see the flaws of the very system of which he is a part. People like Cramer who are so invested (literally and figuratively) in the current financial system are loathe to realize that it is farcical, that it is built on toothpicks, that the corporate and government numbers are cooked, that the ‘recovery’ is a joke, that the ‘markets’ are rigged by central banks, that wrongdoing is epidemic, that there are no longer any rational connections between prices and fundamentals, that we have passed beyond reality into fantasyland. Cramer is the embodiment of a society awash in information but starved in meaning.

"Nothing Is Risk-Free In This System Of Chaos"

Risk is now everywhere. If you invest in the markets, there is risk of temporary or permanent loss of capital. Even if you do nothing and simply hold cash in a bank, there is bail-in risk and financial repression. This is our reality now...Nothing is risk-free in this system of chaos. In a way, today’s mad scientist central bankers have engineered financial dinosaurs back into our time. They think they can control the system. But judging just from the first chaotic week in financial markets so far in 2016, life is finding a way.

Yuantervention Extreme - Offshore Yuan Explodes 850 Pips Higher, Biggest Jump Ever

While some central banks prefer to stealthily 'manage' their markets, a bid here, a stick-save there, today's epic intervention, short-squeeze, carry-trade-carnage in Offshore Yuan is the most visible hand yet in the new normal world of central planning. USDCNH is now down over 850 pips on the day - a record 1.25% strengthening in the offshore Yuan...