Central Banks

Why The Dollar Decoupled From The "Trump Trade" And How This Impacts Markets

"We argue the current divergence partly reflects concerns around trade protectionism, which would be associated with lower growth and higher inflation over time, and to a lesser extent the view that central banks will be cautious in tightening monetary policy in the face of higher inflation."

What Is This "Crisis" Of Modernity?

We have an economic crisis - centered on the persistent elusiveness of real growth, rather than just monetized debt masquerading as 'growth'; and a political crisis - in which even ‘Davos man’, it seems, according to their own World Economic Forum polls, is anxiously losing his faith in 'the system' itself.

Central Bankers, Politicians, & Why Frank Zappa Was Right

President Trump’s initial emphasis on renewing the US manufacturing base is largely symbolic. Even if his administration were to successfully use tax incentives, protectionist measures and immigration policies to re-patriate factories and labor, and even if government were to spend big on fiscal stimulus, it still would not solve the structural leverage problem facing the US economy.