Commodity Futures Trading Commission

The CFTC Is Seeking Your Feedback

Today, the CFTC announced that it is seeking public comments on whether the Carbon Financial Instrument listed for trading by the Chicago Climate Exchange performs a significant price discovery function. As the CFTC has lately faced substantial public scrutiny over the potential abuse of its marketplace, it is prudent to carefully evaluate the impact of yet another market that may be abused by several key players.

Whoa, A Glitch In The HFT

From the creator of Citadel's HFT desk for options: "You have multiple HFT trading firms and sometimes their agendas are complementary and sometimes they’re not. There could be a time where these HFT programs unintentionally collaborate and you have a two- or three-minute period where the markets are going crazy. Then other traders respond to it and it simply gets out of control."