Constant Maturity Swaps

$600 Billion In Trades In Four Years: How Apple Puts Even The Most Aggressive Hedge Funds To Shame

Everyone knows that for the better part of the past year Apple was the world's biggest company by market cap. Most also know that AAPL aggressively uses all legal tax loopholes to pay as little State and Federal tax as possible, despite being one of the world's most profitable companies. Many know, courtesy of our exclusive from September, that Apple also is the holding company for Braeburn Capital: a firm which with a few exceptions, also happens to be among the world's largest hedge funds, whose function is to manage Apple's massive cash hoard with virtually zero reporting requirements, and whose obligation is to make sure that AAPL's cash gets laundered legally and efficiently in a way that complies with prerogative #1: avoid paying taxes. What few if any know, is that as part of its cash management obligations, Braeburn, and AAPL by extension, has conducted a mindboggling $600 billion worth of gross notional trades in just the past four years, consisting of buying and selling assorted unknown securities, or some $250 billion in 2012 alone: a grand total which represents some $1 billion per working day on average, and which puts the net turnover of some 99% of all hedge funds to shame! Finally, what nobody knows, except for the recipients of course, is just how much in trade commissions AAPL has paid on these hundreds of billions in trades to the brokering banks, many (or maybe all) of which may have found this commission revenue facilitating AAPL having a "Buy" recommendation: a rating shared by 52, or 83% of the raters, despite the company's wiping out of one year in capital gains in a few short months.

Presenting The World's Biggest Hedge Fund You Have Never Heard Of

The world's largest hedge fund is not located in the top floor of some shiny, floor-to-ceiling glass clad skyscraper in New York, London, Hong Kong or Shanghai. It isn't in some sprawling mansion in Greenwich or Stamford which houses a state of the art trading desk behind a crocodile-filled moat. Instead it can be found in tiny, nondescript office in Suite 225 located on 730 Sandhill Road in Reno, Nevada.

Arbing Spot And Forward Curve Steepness

On Friday we pointed out that after nearly 9 months of straight line steepening, the Treasury curve, as depicted by the spot 2s10s, has collapsed, and has flattened from 290 to 240 bps practically overnight, in what has been an unprecedentedly rapid move in the curve, driven primarily by asset liquidations. Those with exposure to spot are panicking, and have been forced to cover what amounts to billions in levered notional positions. Some (the lucky ones) only have synthetic exposure, via Constant Maturity Swaps or other Robertson/Klarman-esque contraptions, thus limiting a downside they can walk away from. They are the minority. Yet an interesting observation, coming by way of Morgan Stanley's Jim Caron, who little by little is forced to wave the white flag of surrender not only on his 5.5% call in the 10 year by Year End, but also on his all out steepening trade, is that flattening has really only occurred in the spot curve: forward yield curves, both the 1y and 2y, have surprisingly retained their steepening bias in spite of unprecedented vol and liquidations. Why is this? Caron explains. However, more relevantly, his observation that a convergence between spot and forward curves is imminent could serve as an easy (famous last words) way to pick 100 bps.

Seth Klarman Sees Another Lost Decade For Stocks, "Artificial" Market Reminds Him Of A "Hostess Twinkie"

Seth Klarman was speaking at the CFA Institute earlier, and in typical fashion cut to the chase: in summarizing the current market, the Baupost founder said he "sees few bargains in the current environment and predicted on Tuesday that the stock market could suffer another lost decade without any gains." And the punchline: his description of market conditions which he compared to "a Hostess Twinkie snack cake because everything is being manipulated by the government and appears artificial." Such facility with words, there is a reason the man runs a $22 billion fund and his book "Margin of Safety" has been out of print for years, and sells for a $1000 on ebay.