Consumer Prices

Finally, An Honest Inflation Index - Guess What It Shows

The UIG carries three important messages to policy makers: the obsessive fears of economy-wide inflation being too low is misguided; monetary stimulus in recent years was not needed; and, the path to normalizing official rates is too slow and the intended level is too low...

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Rig For Stormy Weather

Based on centuries of economic history, we should expect increasing financial trauma, periodic market crashes, devalued currencies, debt defaults, and that someone else will be blamed.

The Five Biggest Tests For China's Next Central Bank Governor

Zhou Xiaochuan, the outgoing PBoC governor, is a shrewd man and his warning about a "Minsky moment" will not have been made idly. He is also a principal architect of China's credit bubble, whether (always) willing or not, and must shoulder some of the blame. If he is lucky, his successor will be the one picking up the pieces...

Is America In Terminal Decline?

"The cut-off point is 2009... Before that, borrowing could create the illusion of a rising standard of living. Those days are gone. And it’s very hard to see, when you take a good look, what could make them come back."

How Uncle Sam Inflates Away Your Life

"Remember, your life-savings is just that.  It represents your life... So, when Uncle Sam confiscates your life-savings via the inflation tax something more is happening...  Not only are you being robbed of your money, you’re being robbed of your life.  Your life’s simply inflated away.  Poof!"