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Healing Inch by Inch?

Just like football, life is a game of inches. As world leaders gather in Copenhagen this week to discuss measures to protect our climate, is there enough political will to do what's right for the environment and the global financial system?

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Something to think about this weekend if you are freezing your ass off, or getting soaked. Is it global warming or global cooling? What have we done to change climate? What happens if we do nothing? What happens if we do something as outlined in Copenhagen? Here's a great summary of the science from Cato. Illarionov was Putin's chief economic advisor.

Guest Post: Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions Highlight Kazakhstan’s Uranium Potential

One bonus of the global recession is that it wiped a lot of incompetent hedge fund managers and energy speculators from the canyons of Wall Street. As the Gordon Gecko sycophants regroup and look for the next Big Thing, maximizing profit while minimizing risk, the landscape looks very different than it did a year ago. In such a climate, it is uranium, not oil and natural gas that would seem to have the brightest future for one simple, overriding capitalist principle – supply and demand.

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Global warming scam exposed as scientific fraud; Copenhagen summit approaches, Abu Dubai goes bust; financing problems spread to governments, Washington insists on Colombia 'full spectrum' base, new H1N1 bypasses adaptive immunity, Gibbs' Virology paper suggests lab origin, US mint suspends sales of Eagles, Bernanke to run his mouth on Thursday.

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Blame it on Rio?

Back in August, CPP Investment Board (CPPIB) announced that it has entered into a joint venture with Cyrela Commercial Properties S.A. Empreendimentos e Participações, GIC Real Estate, the real estate investment arm of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, to invest up to US$250 million for the development, acquisition and management of institutional-quality commercial properties in Brazil. That appears to have been a very wise decision.

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Are Teachers and other pension funds flying off course? Only time will tell but they sure are putting lots of eggs in the infrastructure basket. As with any investment, the benchmark should reflect the beta, credit risk and liquidity risk of the underlying investments. Infrastructure is a long-term asset class but it isn't free of risks and the benchmark must reflect this.