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    10/06/2015 - 17:03
    As we head into another earnings season, the bulls better pray to whatever pagan gods they worship that company after company magically defy the downturn that the economy is quite obviously entering.


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FDIC Sells Failed Banks' Toxic Crap Back To Soon-To-Be-Failed Banks At 50% Haircut With Explicit Taxpayer Guarantee

The FDIC has just announced that it has closed the sale of $1.8 billion of Notes backed by RMBS "from seven failed bank receiverships." The value of the actual aggregate balance: $3.6 billion. And somehow banks still keep their RMBS books marked at par. Furthermore, "the timely payment of principal and interest due on the notes are
guaranteed by the FDIC, and that guaranty is backed by the full faith
and credit of the United States
. Sure enough, smelling this insane deal, the vultures came out to snack on the taxpayer's corpse: "The transaction was met with robust investor demand, with over 70 investors participating across fixed and floating rate series. The investors included banks, investment funds, insurance funds and pension funds. All investors were qualified institutional buyers." Just how many of these "banks, investment funds, insurance funds and pension funds" are viable to begin with, courtesy of the FDIC's permission for every failed bank to continue existing is an amusing question, and Zero Hedge will attempt to get an itemized list of the participating buyers.

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The Crap Of The Crop: Is The Biggest Move Of Garbage Stocks During This Year Justified?

Over the past year there have been some phenomenal moves in stocks, which some call high beta names, but which for all intents and purposes can be called "crap" companies (we use the term generically in the fashion it has been previously used by the mainstream media). So Zero Hedge decided to do a more in-depth analysis of just which names have benefited by the unprecedented equity rally, and whether their fundamentals justify the record moves from the stocks' 52 week lows.

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