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    07/25/2014 - 09:41
    The EU and global drive toward bail-ins continues unabated. Bail-ins are coming to financial institutions and banks in the EU, UK, U.S. and much of the western world - with painful consequences for...


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Visualizing America's Creditors

A vivid chart from VisualEconomics, demonstrates the key US creditors and their most recently disclosed holdings. Of course, the TIC does this monthly (in a much less pretty format), but it does make for a good poster, especially if knowing off the top of your head whom the U.S. will be screwing if and when it decided to repudiate its debt, is of notable relevance . One name omitted: the United States itself, which according to the H.4.1 owns $777 billion of debt, essentially making it the second largest creditor after China. Obviously, this analysis excludes retail level and individual holders of debt.

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CIT Files Chapter 11, 76.5% Of Creditors Vote For Prepack (90% of 85% Voting)

As expected, Bankruptcy Case 09-16565, Southern District of New York, is the latest addition to the Bowling Green testament of the collapsing consumer class. $71 Billion in Total Assets, $64.9 Billion in Total Liabilities listed, as well as a metric ton of various bond issues. Common stock holders getting hosed include recently downgraded FMR (9.9%), Brandes (9.7%) and Franklin Mutual (5.7%). Bank of America listed a primary creditor (as administrative and collateral agent) at $7.5 billion. The Goldman Sachs Swap agreement is listed as having a notional value of $1.934 billion.

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For Now, Judge Gonzalez Siding With Chrysler Creditors

In an event that just as easily may not have occurred, Judge Gonzalez presiding over the boiling hot Chrysler bankruptcy, has sided with an objection of the Chrysler Non-TARP creditors (aka abominable hedge funds). The issue at hand was a request for a delay of the hearing on Section 363 bidding procedures from today until tomorrow at 2:30 pm.

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Barclays Fleeced Lehman Creditors By $5 Billion

For those that remember the surreal weekend before Lehman filed chapter 11, Barclays was considered an eleventh hour white knight who would swoop in and buy the bank. These rumors were squashed after Barclays pussied out, saying it would not be able to afford Lehman without the Queen's, the Fed's and Santa Claus' blessings... Nonetheless, the bank did its diligence, and 4 days after Lehman filed, Barc used the smoke and mirrors of bankruptcy court to snatch the U.S. broker dealer for metaphorically pennies on the dollar, and literally $1.75 billion.

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Lyondell Staring At The Abyss, Creditors Staring Back

The acrimony over the world's largest DIP is reaching fever pitch. For a second day in a row, Judge Gerber said he will listen to yet another round of arguments tomorrow before deciding whether to approve the Debtor in Possession loan. As we wrote previously, the fate of the company (at least over the next 6 months) hangs in the approval of the DIP, as without it Lyondell will proceed straight to liquidation.

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If Sirius Files, Karmazin Fired Creditors Threaten

A group of disgruntled Sirius creditors has threatened to fire Mel Karmazin and other senior execs if the company does not cut a deal with EchoStar or John Malone (who has offered to provide bridge financing) and instead files for bankruptcy. Edward Weisfelner, a lawyer with Brown Rudnick was quoted as saying:

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Alvarez Asks For $400,000/Day To Let Lehman Creditors Sort Out Their Own Mess

Restructuring consultancy firm Alvarez & Marsal has decided to take the easy way out, and simply give creditors in the Lehman's bankruptcy equity instead of trying to maximize cash recoveries. The bulk of Lehman's residual value (or lack thereof) is contained in its hard to value real estate and private equity assets.

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Lawyers Paid Better Than Ever as Creditors Lose Shirts

We have written extensively on the subject (here and here), and we feel it is about time mainstream media paid a little more attention to this very troubling issue.

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