The Greek Butterfly Effect

This next week is not so much about Greece the butterfly, but it is about keeping the butterfly from becoming a hindrance to the math working globally. And the Greek government knows this. They are negotiating on the basis that a bad Greek deal from Europe’s point of view is better than a default. Angela Merkel wanted a concluded Greek deal before markets open on Monday. Now she has a mess.

IMF Confirms Greek Referendum "Irrelevant" After Program Expires On Tuesday

If there was any confusion if, as we warned was the biggest problem with the Greek referendum namely that next weekend there will no longer be a proposal to vote on, the IMF's Christine Lagarde just put it to rest. As she told the BBC moments ago, the Greek government's planned referendum on the terms of any new bailout plan will be invalid after Tuesday, when the current programme expires. As a result, the Greek people would be voting on proposals that were no longer in place.

Varoufakis: Creditor Proposal Offers "No Hope," Greece At "Historic Moment"

As Jerome Dijsselbloem fearmongers all the worst parts of the bible that are about to befall Greece, Yanis Varoufakis is explainiing the Greek decision:


Adding that the decision by the Eurogroup (ex-Greece) to veto the program extension damages Europe overall, Varoufakis defiantly concluded, "Greek aid programs have been clear failures" and the Greek government has no mandate to accept a "recessionary" aid offer.

Here Are The Three Options Being Discussed In Brussels

With the ATMs literally running out of cash in Greece after PM Alexis Tsipras announced a referendum in a dramatic, early morning televised address to the nation, EU finance ministers are meeting in Brussels today to determine what the next steps are now that Athens has effectively given creditors an ultimatum. According to MNI, three options are being discussed at the Eurogroup emergency session.

Greece Invokes Nuclear Option: Tsipras Calls For Referendum

Greek PM Tsipras just delivered the biggest Friday night bomb in recent European history: he stunned the Troika and his peers in Europe with the biggest shocker of all - a referendum announcement, aka the Greek "nuclear option", something which cost his predecessor George Papandreou his job. At this point there is no turning back, and the Greeks - of which 80% want to stay in the Euro even as 80% want an end to austerity - will get to choose their own fate. Whatever choice they make, they will now only have only themselves to blame.

The US & Europe Will Collapse Regardless Of Economic "Contagion"

We cannot forget that crisis is in itself a distraction as well. Whatever pain we do feel tomorrow, or the next day, or the next decade, remember who it was that caused it all: the international banks and their globalist political counterparts. No matter what happens, never be willing to accept a centralized system. No matter how reasonable or rational it might sound amid the terror of fiscal uncertainty, never give the beast what it wants. Refuse to conform to the dialectic. This is the only chance we have left to get back to true prosperity. Once we cross the line into the realm of worldwide institutionalized interdependency, we will never know prosperity or freedom again.