Summarizing The State Of Greek Negotiations

It's quite simple really. Here is Draghi:


And moments before this statement, here was the Greek government:



Europe Warns Of "State Of Emergency" As Greek Stalemate Drags On

With talks between Greece and creditors at what appears to be an intractable stalemate, Germany's EU Commissioner warns that a "state of emergency" could leave Greeks without energy and medicine. Meanwhile, PM Alexis Tsipras has pledged to defend democracy "in the place where it was born."

Frontrunning: June 15

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European Stocks Slide, Greece Tumbles But US BTFDers Emerge After Collapse In Greek Bailout Talks

European shares remain lower, close to intraday lows, with the banks and autos sectors underperforming and food & beverage, retail outperforming. Tsipras hardens Greek stance after collapse of bailout talks. The Italian and Swedish markets are the worst-performing larger bourses, the U.K. the best. The euro is weaker against the dollar. Greek 10yr bond yields rise; Spanish yields increase. Commodities decline, with copper, nickel underperforming and natural gas outperforming. U.S. Empire manufacturing, net TIC flows, NAHB housing market index, industrial production, capacity  utilization due later.

Writing's On The Wall: Texas Pulls $1 Billion In Gold From NY Fed, Makes It "Non-Confiscatable"

The lack of faith in central bank trustworthiness is spreading. First Germany, then Holland, and Austria, and now - as we noted was possible previously - Texas has enacted a Bill to repatriate $1 billion of gold from The NY Fed's vaults to a newly established state gold bullion depository..."People have this image of Texas as big and powerful … so for a lot of people, this is exactly where they would want to go with their gold," and the Bill includes a section to prevent forced seizure from the Federal Government.  Is this the first step down a road to secession?

Should Students Voluntarily Default On $1.3 Trillion In Debt?

"Over the last couple of decades, we have been engaged in an enormous national experiment, taking impressionable and often ignorant teenagers and young adults and seeing just how much student loan debt they can handle.There is a practical question at hand for people who feel as if they are in over their heads: Is it ever a good idea to try to beat the system by openly defying it and refusing to repay the debt that you willingly took on?"

"Last Chance" Greek Bailout Talks End Without Deal

The writing was already on the wall after several EU officials expressed reservations about the feasibility of striking any sort of compromise with Greece’s negotiating team in Brussels on Sunday, and now it’s official. Talks have once again ended with no deal as the Greeks are standing their ground on pension cuts and VAT hikes.

As "Options Run Out", This Is What Greek Capital Controls Would Look Like

Irrespective of the political wrangling going on behind the scenes both in Athens and in Brussels, a terminal bank run could plunge Greece into a crisis faster than politicians can react, an eventuality which would have to be met with capital controls. As FT reports, Athens is "running out of options" to avoid a Cyprus repeat.

IMF Says It Will Continue Lending To Ukraine Even After A Default, And Why This Is Bad News For Greek Gold

As we enter Sunday and what may well be the last possibility to get deal done before the "accidental" Grexit scenario is put in play, we thought our Greek readers would be interested to learn that while Lagarde's "apolitical" IMF is digging in tooth and nail against giving Greece even the smallest amount of breathing room, the equivalent of half an our of a typical daily Fed POMO notional amount, yesterday the same Lagarde said that the IMF "could lend to Ukraine even if Ukraine determines it cannot service its debt."

Clash Of The Titans: Merkel, Schaeuble Spar Over Greece As German FinMin Draws Up Grexit Plans

Spiegle traces the history of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's relationship with FinMin Wolfgang Schaeuble who is leading the opposition against further aid for a Greek government he views as unwilling to accept economic realities. As the rift between the two deepens, Schaeuble has instructed the German finance ministry to draw up plans that would limit the fallout from a sovereign default.

How The Report That Europe Is Formally Discussing A Greek Default Shook Markets

"Senior EU officials have formally discussed for the first time a possible Greek debt default as negotiations between Athens and its creditors have stalled ahead of an end-month repayment deadline," Reuters reports. Or, translated from political correctness into the truth: "EU officials have stopped pretending that no one has discussed a Greek default."