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Boehner v Reid Proposals: A Compare And Contrast Cheat Sheet

If anyone actually cares, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has released the following handy summary cheat sheet which compares and contrast the key aspects of the Boehner and Reid proposals. We suggest nobody spend more than 2 seconds skimming through these as both will be vastly reworked by the end of trading today.


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Watch Bernanke's Speech At The Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget [No, Really] Live

We know our readers are excited to watch a speech headlining the Chairsatan and moderated by Steve Liesman. Which is precisely what will happen at 2:30pm at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget ("bipartisan group of budget experts concerned about this nation's fiscal future."). You can watch the webcast live below. The full chairsatanic speech can be found here.


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The CRFB Sees Locusts, Plagues And Lots And Lots Of Budget "Impossibilities" In America's Future

"This situation is economically impossible; at some point, U.S. debt would reach a level so high that creditors would stop lending us money. The question, though, is how the situation will be resolved. Will politicians confront the policy choices or delay them to the point where they will be forced upon us due to a fiscal crisis? The longer we wait to take on these issues, the worse they will get and the more painful it will be to change course." - CRFB


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