Crude Holds Gains After Biggest Inventory Draw In 6 Months Offset By Major Build At Cushing

API's reported huge 3.6mm drawdown in total crude inventories (against expectations of a 2.33mm build) was just the catalyst to send crude prices soaring overnight and DOE just confirmed it with a massive 5.88mm draw - the largest in over 6 months. However, initial exuberance was tempered as Cushing saw a 2.045mm build - its 7th week in a row. And finally, crude production rose for the second week in a row.

WTI Crude Algos Run Stops To FOMC Cliff At $37

From $35.35 lows (in Feb contract) on Monday, WTI crude has extended its overnight post-API inventory gains, pressing up to $37, running the stops to last week's FOMC meeting moves. Let's just hope DOE does not disappoint (and don't forget to look at Cuhsing storage getting full).

Someone Bets Big On $15 Crude As OPEC Forecasts Oil Demand Slumping Until 2020

Investors have bought increasing volumes of put options that will pay out if the price of WTI drops to $20 to $30 a barrel next year. The largest open interest across options contracts - both bullish and bearish - for December 2016 is for puts at $30 a barrel. The open interest for June 2016 put options at $25 a barrel has nearly doubled over the last week. Investors have even bought put options that will pay if WTI drops below $15 a barrel by December next year. The volume of financial bets at that level is tiny - 640,000 barrels in total.

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"Canadians Should Be Concerned" As Energy Sector Job Losses Spike To 100,000 This Year

It's grim up north... and getting grimmer. Amid soaring suicide rates, Canada's once-booming oil patch is rapidly accelerating its downward trajectory. "Canadians should be concerned in times like these," warned Tim McMillan, president and chief executive of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, noting that the oil and gas sector will see 100,000 job losses by the end of this year. Apart from the protracted price declines, Alberta’s oil and gas sector has also had to contend with a 20 per cent hike in corporate taxes, increased provincial royalties, a carbon tax and new regulatory policies to limit rein in carbon emissions... and now a new competitot from US exports.

Six Signs That 2016 Will Be Much Worse Than 2015

2015 has witnessed several events that had, and will have, negative repercussions on individual freedom. Orwellian totalitarianism is increasingly creeping into our everyday lives. How much more intrusive will the violations of our liberties become and for how long will the establishment get away with this? With regards to the financial system, no real solution was found to issues such as those in the euro zone. Furthermore, the financial system as a whole once again got deeper into debt. For how much longer can central banks and governments continue kicking the can down the road without any real reform?

Crude Extends Gains After API Reports Unexpectedly Large Inventory Draw

Following last week's huge build reported by DOE, crude inventories reported by API tonight dropped 3.6 million barrels (drastically different from the 2.3mm build expected). WTI is rallying on the news, despite a 1.5 million barrel build at Cushing (up notably from last week's 847k) - the 7th weekly build in a row.

Gartman Turns "Very, Very Quietly Bullish Of Crude" Even As Stock Prices Set To "Head Materially Lower"

"... we fear that prices are soon to head lower… and perhaps materially so. Thus, it is not only wise, it is reasonable, that we shall increase the size of our derivatives positions to make quite certain that our net long position is covered completely and that we are indeed as “net neutral” as we can possibly be.... ... we do find ourselves quietly… very, very quietly… turning away from being manifestly and overtly bearish of crude to being bullish as the term structures continue to shift."

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