How Welfare States Encourage Bad Economic Thinking

" the context of getting rid of all traces of statist “redistribution”, there is no such thing as acting too quickly. As long as the welfare state operates unabated, the wealthier society becomes, the faster it moves toward the point of no return, beyond which the forces of capital consumption irreversibly overcome the forces of capital accumulation."

Oil Tanker Logjam Grows To 54 Ships As Gulf Ports Remain Closed

54 tankers with capacity more than 33 million barrels either to deliver imported crude from Latin America, Europe, Caribbean, Africa and Middle East or receive U.S. supplies are drifting off U.S. Gulf Coast as several key ports remain closed while others are open with restrictions.

US Crude Production Stalls As Oil Rig Count Rolls Over

Amid the chaos and turmoil caused by Harvey, today's rig count data is likely to change things as much as a fart in a hurricane. US crude production in the Lower 48 actually fell last week, syncing with the stabilization in the lagged oil rig count.

WTI/RBOB Tumble As Valero Says Refinery Startup Underway

RBOB is tumbling near $1.60 handle after headlines reported Valero saying that startup is underway at its Three Rivers refinery and its Corpus Christi refinery, both in Texas, according to a statement from co. spokeswoman Lillian Riojas.

WTI/RBOB Algos Undecided After Gasoline Build, Production Dip

RBOB gasoline is at a 25-month high (and WTI has a $45 handle) as all attention is focused on the duration and impact of the storm (i.e. how long refineries will be closed?). Inventory and Production data this week will be of limited help to traders as it occurred before Harvey struck but API confirmed the crude draw, gasoline build trend overnight, and DOE data shows the same pattern - crude draw, gasoline (and distillates) build and both WTI and RBOB dipped on the print.