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And Like Clockwork, Here Is David Bianco's Attempt At Stick Saving The Rally

One again, the seemingly immortal David Bianco, who for some odd reason constantly evokes allusions to the green sock puppet from the Muppets, is once again forced to be sacrificed at the altar of credibility, having just released a report hiking his S&P500 estimates. To wit: "We raise our 2011 and 2012 S&P 500 EPS estimates to $97 and $104 from $95 and $102 respectively. Despite a moderation in overall US GDP growth, S&P 1Q EPS is coming in significantly higher than expected on stronger manufacturing activity and business spending, higher foreign profits and commodity prices,and a weaker dollar. Half of the increase in our 2011 EPS is from higher 1Q EPS, which we expect to come in at $23.50 (Table 2). Mid-$90s annualized EPS in the seasonally light 1Q supports a more robust EPS outlook." This comes just in time for the economy to take a confirmed dip lower following recent consistently lower economic releases capped with today's Services ISM. And why Immortal? We hearken back to the following Bloomberg article from November 2007: "None of that swayed Cohen, Trennert and Bianco. They say low equity valuations, overseas growth and the prospect that the Federal Reserve will cut its interest rate target for overnight loans between banks can lift the S&P 500 to a record 1,600 this year." This never happened, and in fact Bianco top ticked the market to the dot. How he still has a job is beyond anyone with half a working frontal lobe.

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Shock And Yawn: BofA's David Bianco Proves He Is "Smarter" Than Goldman By Raising His S&P EPS Estimates

Jan Hatzius' recent downgrade of the US economy, and the subsequent downgrade of the S&P by such formerly gruntled optimists as Goldman's David Kostin, has completely failed to register with permabullnut gallery. Case in point: the Bank of America strategist who was supposed to replace David Rosenberg, yet has become his own satirist caricature, David Bianco, has decided to go completely the other way, by actually rising not only his 2010 S&P estimates, but also 2011, and even, hilariously, 2012, this despite other such landed economist Ph.D's (from reputable institutions) as the San Fran Fed warning that there is a "significant" risk of a double dip in 2 years (yes, that's the Fed warning about a re-recession, not some rational, realistic, coherent human being), thus once again proving that his true worth is whatever CNBC pays him for his daily appearances in the Cheerleader Session block (which has now dropped out of Nielsen tracking due to complete lack of public interest in vapid propaganda). And for those who claim idiocy can not be captures in words, we disagree. To wit "Some dismiss our target because a deflationary shock could collapse current EPS. Others argue that EPS will be flat for years. We disagree; we think exceptionally low interest rates support real estate values and EPS will grow through foreign investment. The S&P has the best of the DM and EM world, low rates and healthy growth." Speechlessness ensues. What follows is propaganda so scary, it is good. If Bianco really believes this, we hope BofA provides free psychiatric sessions for its employees.

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Merrill Vs (Ex-)Merrill: Rosenberg Takes On David Bianco's Unending Bullish Misperception Misconceptions

The focus of Rosie's morning note has to do with debunking the latest misconception pushed by Barron's, which in all honesty is merely paraphrasing one of Rosie's own successors at Merrill Lynch - David Bianco, whose most recent fluff piece "Harvesting the Truth" (presented below) was an insult to thinking homo sapiens worldwide. The particular item that Rosie has beef with is the Bianco allegation that the consumer is not really 70% of US GDP. Here is Rosie's rebuttal.

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Meet Richard Bernstein's Jolly And Much More Optimistic Replacement David Bianco

With normalized cover page headlines like these:

  • Robust S&P 500 EPS growth expected for 2010 and 2011
  • S&P 500 EPS recovery to outpace the US GDP recovery
  • Financials to contribute to EPS growth in 2010 and 2011
  • Normalized S&P 500 EPS is above our 2009E and 2010E EPS
  • Our normalized EPS supports a strategically bullish stance

is there any wonder how happy Bernstein and Rosenberg must have been to go to work every day?

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