Dean Baker

Observations On The Aftermath Of The Artificial Recovery From Dean Baker

Dean Baker, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, has put together a simple yet comprehensive presentation on a topic Zero Hedge has discussed in the past: how the demographic shift in the US will mirror the spender-to-saver transformation of an aging Japanese society, and as a result lead to an accentuation of the economic crisis into the double-dip phase, should all the artificial , one-time stimulus actions be phased out. For all those who think that a "new normal" with unemployment straddling double digits for years to come will be conducive to growth, think again. And after today's failed referendum on Obama's healthcare policies, America's immediate future will be focused on two simple propositions: [yes/no] on stimulus and [yes/no] on Q.E. 2. Everything else will be smoke and mirrors.

Insolvency Mystery Science Theater 3000

Tomorrow at 10am, a hearing will be held on the critical matter of financial insolvency by, none other, than the.... Committee on Science And Technology (Scientology?). Yep. If there was ever any wonder if the right people are asking the right question in Washington, this should forever put away any doubts and speculations.