Dennis Gartman

Dennis Gartman Snaps In Epic Rant Against Snapchat

"This is utter nonsense; This is not a business… this is a time sapping hobby; a diversion; a silly little waste of aggregated time that could be spent “profitably” but which is spent stupidly instead."

Gartman Is About To Short "Industrialized World" Markets

"We wish also to err upon the side of owning Japanese equities while being short of the markets of the rest of the “industrialized” world. We’ve refrained from taking that position ahead of the FOMC meetings... but barring some untoward and/or surprising event at the meeting’s end today, almost certainly we shall take such action tomorrow."

"We Failed Miserably": Gartman Stopped Out Of Latest Oil Long

"We failed… miserably… in paying attention to the shifting nature of the term structure for more than a week ago we noted a change that was taking place and which was incipiently bearish of crude oil, but we failed to pay proper and full heed to the signals that this shift was sending to us. This is unforgiveable. It shall not happen again." - Dennis Gartman

Dennis Gartman Stopped Out Of Long Crude Position

Gartman, who correctly called the recent market melt up, has once again reverted to his immensely valuable - and reliable - old self of calling key market inversion points with a several hour/day advance notice.

Gartman Goes Long Crude Oil

"We wish to buy one unit each of Brent and WTI crude upon receipt of this commentary. We’ll risk no more than 3% from the current prices level and if nearby Brent were to trade above $57/barrel and if nearby WTI were trade above $55/barrel and were to remain there “For an hour or so to prove the merits of the moves."

RBC: "This Is The $1 Trillion Question On Our Clients' Minds"

"The TRILLION dollar question is then reiterated: when does all of this “inflation as a good thing” tip over into “inflation with no growth”—aka STAGFLATION?  This continues to be the chief concern of clients on recent marketing swings."