Deutsche Bank

"What Has Kept The Rally Going": Some Thoughts From Deutsche Bank

While the duration of the current rally is increasingly inside "outlier" territory, it so far show no signs of stopping. According to Deutsche Bank, there are several key reasons that have kept the market rising: i) Strong equity inflows following large outflows and massive under-allocation; ii) US equity fund positioning moved from under- to over-weight; iii) a return of buybacks, iv) the bypass - so far - of the negative phase in economic data surprises.

The US Motorist Is Unwell: Miles Driven Suffer Biggest Slowdown In Over 2 Years

Confirming that US consumers are far more sensitive to rising gas prices than preciously expected, the 0.5% increase in miles driven in December 2016 was the smallest monthly increase since November 2014. Since then gas pries have risen far more, potentially leading to a sharp drop in gasoline demand.

Deutsche Bank Shares Re-Tumble On $10 Billion Capital Raise

Following unconfirmed sources earlier warning about a major capital raise for the world's most sysetmically dangerous bank, Bloomberg reports that Deutsche Bank AG is nearing a plan to boost capital by more than 10 billion euros ($10.6 billion) through an equity offering and the partial sale of its asset management unit, according to people with knowledge of the discussions.

Deutsche Bank Stock Slides On Capital Boost Plans

After some strength in Europe overnight, Deutsche Bank shares are tumbling this morning after reports that the world's most systemically dangerous bank plans to review strategic options over coming weeks that include a capital increase and the partial sale of its asset management business.

How We Got Here In One Sentence

In every annual budget debate since the 1980s, one side figures out that the way to get what it wants – which is higher spending – is to frame the request in a particular, ingenious way: We have to borrow and spend way more now if we want to borrow and spend way less later.

Global Stocks Drop, Futures Flat; French Yields Slide As Political Jitters Subside

In a quiet night for markets, in which the top highlight was the Oscar's historic peddling of best picture "fake news" and where "millions" of Academy members seemingly voted illegally, European stocks were little changed after a selloff that pushed them to a two-week low, while the MSCI Asia index fells as Japan’s Topix dropped for third day. S&P futures were unchanged.

Market Sours On Tesla's "Phantom" Beat, Stock Slides

Tesla shares have quickly given up all gains from the better-than-expected earnings as the sell-side awaits more clarity on the cost and capital raise plans. One analyst specifically took aim at the fourth quarter results, calling out the beat as "phantom" given the exclusion of the SolarCity acquisition from consensus estimates.